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Particularly interesting! Under the Smart Deals category, we present machines from our technical equipment or training facilities that are fully configured and available immediately.

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TIRATEX - The tape stretching line for highest performance

The TIRATEX is a tape extrusion and -stretching line for production of polyolefin tapes made of PP. The machine is designed for high output and best product quality such as LS tapes (Light and Strong) at high production rates and maximum energy efficiency. Modular design and several optional extras allow for an optimized execution, depending on process- and product requirements.

Showroom machine (BSW colour design) - operating time only approx. 350h

  • Extruder E105 TP with THERMOCON (water temperature control unit)
    Output up to 630 kg/h
  • Material supply station DOSITEX with gravimetric batch blending unit
    1 main, 3 additive components
  • Screen filter with 150 mm diameter instead of 120 mm
  • Special water quench design with electrical height adjustment
  • Take up unit with double drying unit for high speeds
  • Integrated holding unit with film cutting (incl. one extra set cutting bar) and edge trim recycling system
  • Hot air oven (6 m length)
  • Stretching unit for high speed operation up to 550 m/min
    with 6 godets 400 mm diameter (1 unheated, 3 oil-heated, 2 watercooled)
  • Oil heating unit
  • Tape extraction vacuum system

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DYNASTAR - High efficiency even with short rotogravure jobs

The DYNASTAR is the gravure printing machine for short orders in flexible packaging. The DYNASTAR can be delivered directly from the W&H printing technology center in Lengerich, and is equipped with the following specifications:

  • 10 high-performance printing units
  • Print width 650 mm
  • Print length 320 - 700 mm
  • Speed 300 m/min.
  • 800 mm shafted winder
  • Deionization and ESA equipment
  • Handling system for changing of print cylinders in DYNACART

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Ready to deliver - MIRAFLEX II

The MIRAFLEX product family is the most successful CI flexo printing machine on the market. Fast available for you is the new MIRAFLEX II with the following specification:

  • 8 printing units
  • Speed 500 m/min.
  • Shafted winder, diameter 1,000 mm
  • Printing width 1,270 mm
  • 2-zone drying, for natural gas source
  • Equipped with VISION and EASY assistance and automation modules
  • plus further equipment

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FILMATIC TC Winder - Innovative universal turret winder for superb roll quality

Ready to deliver is the FILMATIC TC – AUTOMATIC TURRET CAST WINDER from our technology center in Lengerich.

  • Roller face width 3,100 mm
  • Winding speed up to max. 450 m/min on 6'' mechanically centered winding shafts, up to diameter 1,090 mm
  • Center wind with contact or gap mode
  • Design package
  • Chilled S-Wrap draw unit
  • Slitting station for multiple ups - with or without bleed trim, max. 4 ups
  • Extraction arms for reel removal, automatic shaft extraction and motorized reel removal cart
  • Operator panel with PROCONTROL TS automation
  • and more

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