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Services for a Sustainable Printing Evolution

At a time when global challenges demand sustainable and efficient solutions, the printing industry must adapt to meet stringent ESG criteria and evolving market expectations.

At W&H Services, we understand that the real potential for sustainability lies not only in new machinery, but also in optimizing existing equipment. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your current W&H equipment, ensuring that you remain competitive and environmentally responsible.

Have a look at our solutions to leverage this potential:

Upgrades & Retrofits

Extend the life and functionality of your W&H machines with our wide range of retrofit solutions and upgrades. Increase your productivity and take advantage of new technologies without major new investments or extended machine downtime.

In the area of Upgrades & Retrofits, there are numerous starting points, such as inspection & automation systems, the winding system, drying modification or ink cooling. In the following, we take a closer look at the two specific approaches of VISION Retrofit and Advanced Drying.

Inspection System VISION

VISION is W&H’s own web monitoring and defect detection system. With VISION, all components can be controlled from a common user interface, giving the operator full real-time overview and control of the job on the press. This simplifies setup and production monitoring and increases efficiency.

VISION products:

  • VISION ZOOM monitors the web with matrix cameras
  • VISION FULL incorporates state-of-the-art, high-resolution line cameras to detect printing defects
  • VISION CHECK helps determine the causes of print defects and provides troubleshooting advice
  • Wide range of additional VISION innovations such as PDF CHECK, RGB-LAB CHECK, BARCODE CHECK,...

Benefits of the VISION inspection system

Retrofit Solution Advanced Drying

The all-too-familiar challenge: your CI flexo press could run much faster if drying was not the limiting factor. This is partly due to the strict requirements regarding the maximum solvent retention in the printed material and partly due to the drying temperatures, which are often limited by the substrates used.

Our „Advanced Drying“ retrofit solution is specifically designed to eliminate this limiting factor. Lengthening the web path in the drying tunnel improves drying performance, reduces solvent retention, and allows your printing presses to run at higher speeds. By lowering the drying temperature without sacrificing performance, this retrofit can also reduce energy consumption.

Quick and easy to retrofit into your existing W&H printing press. This retrofit solution is available for MIRAFLEX´´ and NOVOFLEX´´ CI flexo presses with drying tunnels in lengths of 4000 mm and 5300 mm.

Benefits of the Retrofit Solution Advanced Drying

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Retrofit Solutions for Printing Presses

Consulting Services

Empower your staff with the knowledge and skills to maximize productivity and reduce your carbon footprint.

The W&H Academy offers a comprehensive range of training courses, including basic, operator, and maintenance training. These are available in both online and in-person formats at the W&H training center or at your premises. Additionally, the Academy provides a range of consulting services.

Tailored to your specific needs, our expert consultants provide hands-on advice directly at your facility. We identify potential improvements and guide you through their implementation, ensuring that your machines operate at peak efficiency.

The advantages of Process Consulting are presented in detail below:

Process Consulting

The goal of the Lean Management approach is to optimally coordinate all value-added activities and reduce unnecessary cost factors. During our Consulting you will learn the basics of process optimization as well as methods for reducing setup times and the individual components. Together with the participants W&H experts will document the current set-up procedures on your machine and analyze possible improvement potential for your processes. The optimized processes and structures are implemented directly at the machine to achieve an immediate increase in performance. Together developed standards ensure the sustainable success of the measures taken. We document all results for you and control the implementation of the defined measures in an optional follow-up audit.

Benefits of Process Consulting

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Process Consulting

Lifecycle Services

Benefit from long-term support that not only enhances the performance of your machines, but also minimizes downtime. Our lifecycle services are designed to deliver sustainable improvements that keep your operations efficient and reliable.

Keeping the performance of your W&H machines at a high level throughout the entire lifecycle is our common goal. To ensure the best possible support, we have developed a service concept that you can individually adapt to your needs - the W&H Lifecycle Services.

With our Lifecycle Services, we provide you with long-term support to sustainably increase the performance and reduce the downtimes of your W&H machines. In doing so, we offer you the security of receiving the right service at the right time.

Together, we plan regular proactive service measures to identify problems at an early stage and continuously improve the technical condition of your machines. In this way, you avoid high costs due to unexpected repair and maintenance measures and at the same time lay the foundation for successful production and lasting success on the market.

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Lifecycle Services