Packaging 4.0 ‒ Intelligent, intuitive, integrated

Together with our customers we are creating a digital future: with intelligent machines, integrated processes and intuitive handling.

Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things (IoT) are focal topics in the industry the last years. The central question is how the digital transformation can actually create benefits for production – today and with a visionary view toward the future. As the specialist for flexible packaging manufacturing machines we focus on implementing the vision of “Industry 4.0” specifically for our growing market. Since 2015 all digitization activities fall under the motto PACKAGING 4.0: intelligent machines, integrated processes, intuitive operation.

Examples for Packaging 4.0 Solutions by W&H

Film Performance Monitor for the Cast Film Line FILMEX II

The FILM PERFORMACE MONITOR of the FILMEX II cast film extrusion line enables a data network spanning all of the process steps. This makes the entire production process transparent and also serves to safeguard consistent quality. For our customers, this means 100% control over their production process. The result: high productivity and outstandingly consistent quality for optimum film performance during further processing.

Intelligent and fully Integrated Assistance System VISION for Printing Presses

The fully integrated assistance system VISION for our printing presses recognizes defects, analyzes their causes and automatically initiates appropriate counter-measures if required. As a result, down times are shortened and waste is reduced.