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We take action - Social Sustainability

Especially when it comes to social issues, there are numerous aspects that W&H, as a family-owned company, has always been involved in, but which are not included under the umbrella of sustainability. For example, W&H has been training a considerable number of younger employees for decades. W&H has been established at its headquarters in Lengerich since it was founded more than 150 years ago, and is now one of the largest employers in the region. Social commitment is carried out in and around Lengerich via donations and sponsoring, as well as foundations related to the company. Due to the large number of existing activities, the initial focus in 2021/2022 was on taking stock and prioritizing social activities. The start of the war in Ukraine also gave rise to a new focus topic in the “Social commitment” field of action: Relief activities for Ukraine.

Equal opportunities

Fair treatment of all employees regardless of age, gender, origin or other personal characteristics is the basis for equal opportunities.Since 2012, W&H KG has conducted employee surveys by the Great Place to Work organization.

What we achieved so far:

  • Above average results in Employee survey in the category fairness.

What we did 2021/2022:

  • Increased number of trainees
  • Activities to attract women for STEM professions
  • 324 courses for further eduction on the digital plattform
  • 75 % digital training courses made further education available during the pandemic

Good employer

As a growing and attractive employer, W&H meets the need foremployment that’s meaningful and fairly compensated.

As a family-owned company, it’s always been important to W&H to create a strong sense of identity with the company among its employees. Accordingly, the topic of “employees” is one of the five fields of action in the EXCELLENCE 2025 strategy.

What we already achieved:

  • Average employee tenure of 16 years (national average is 11 years)
  • 77% agreement with the statement “All in all, I can say this is a very good place to work.” in Employee Survey 2019

What we did in 2021/2021:

  • New Leadership Program
  • Shopfloor Management Tools
  • Flexibilisation of Working Hours
  • Additional Employee Benefits

Community Engagement

We consider ourselves part of society and we actively promote social life, voluntary work and education and qualifications outside our company.

For many years, W&H has supported projects in Lengerich and the region with a five-digit sum each year. This includes support for projects in the areas of social welfare, education, culture and sports.In education and sports, the focus is on supporting children and young people. All activities are deliberately focused on Lengerich and the immediate region, i.e. the employees’ catchment area. A donations committee decides on incoming requests. In addition, donations and sponsorships tied to specific events are approved and financed via special budgets.

What we achieved already:

  • Two foundations related to the company:
    • Adelheid Windmöller Stiftung
    • Foundation for Education, Art and Culture
  • Multiple regular donations and sponsorships

What we have done 2021/2022:

  • 2021 Donating masks/hygiene items for Lengerich hospital facilities during the Covid pandemic, donations in kind for the Ahrtal floods
  • 2022 Relief efforts for Ukraine

Want to read more? Download the Sustainability Report 2022