We are committed to value-based governance. Trust,openness and optimism shape our actions. Long-term thinking and honest,open communication are important to us. Compliance with legal requirements is the basis of our business ethics.

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Our goal for sustainable governance

Compliance with legal and internal regulations, as well as withprinciples of conduct, is an essential prerequisite for the continuedexistence of the company. The conduct of every employeereflects on W&H. It shapes the interaction within the company, theperception of customers and partners, and the long-term reputationof W&H in the market. Compliance with the law is the foundationfor that – beyond this, W&H is synonymous with honesty, reliabilityand equal partnership. Trust, openness and optimism define ouractions. W&H is committed to being an innovative market leader.The independence embedded in our guiding principles allowsfor sustainable governance and puts long-term goals ahead ofmaximizing profits in the short term.


As a family-owned company, W&H is focused on long-term success.This includes conservative financial management with a solidcapital base that ensures our independence. Our shareholders forma long-standing connection with W&H spanning generations.

As a family-owned company, W&H is focused on the long term, withthe aim of ensuring the company’s autonomy and independence.The foundation for this is provided by stable financing with a highequity ratio, which has been consistently increased along withgrowth in recent years. W&H works with professional financialpartners and maintains a long-standing, trusting relationshipwith them. This keeps the risks for the company to a minimum. Inaddition, maximum stability is ensured so that even difficult phasescan be withstood.

Business ethics

We act legally at all times. Moreover, we are a reliable and honestpartner for customers and service providers, and our word can berelied upon.

Compliance with legal and internal regulations, but also withvalue-based principles of conduct, is an integral requirement for the continued existence of the company. Every employee represents the company and the values of the W&H guiding principles.


We regularly report our progress on sustainability to ourstakeholders. We base our results on measurable and comparable KPIs where possible.

What we have achieved so far:

  • External: E-Magazine „Sustainability“Category, E-Newsletter, Fairs & Events
  • Internal: Intranet page Sustainability, Employee magazine “Für Dich” Fixed category, Great Place to Work employee survey

What we did 2021/2022:

  • Update of Greenovation Logo to encompass all three areas
  • First Sustainability Report

Want to read more? Download the Sustainability Report 2022