Circular Economy

The flexible packaging market has been our home since we were founded. We are convinced of the benefits of flexible packaging.It protects valuable goods and resources more efficiently than anyother type of packaging. In the interplay between efficient, protective packaging solutions on the one hand and environmental pollution caused by climate change and waste on the other, we want to make our contribution to a world worth living in for ourselves and future generations.

We are convinced that developing a Circular economy for flexible packaging is essential. Our technologies, as well as the experience and knowledge of all W&H employees ensure that we can make a significant contribution to this. To achieve that we are providing examples for Circular-Economy-Ready packaging solutions:

  • Circular-Economy-Ready: Either fit for recycling or made with recycled materials
  • Proven in practice: Extruded and printed with W&H machines and tested with converting partners
  • With the exceptional functionality and low carbon footprint that is expected from flexible packaging

Check out the different examples to see how your packaging solution can become more sustainable.

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Greenovation - Our way to a sustainable future

Providing the best technologie for our customers is one important part of our contribution to a sustainable future. Read more about our other activities in Economical, Social and Governance Sustainability.

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