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More space for W&H extrusion lines in the new technology center

The new extrusion technology center at Windmöller & Hölscher in Lengerich is almost as large as a football field and twice as high as a detached house. It offers space for a total of eight extrusion lines. W&H customers get an impression of a complete line installation on site and can run tests under real production conditions. Four blown film lines have already been installed to date: two VAREX II, one AQUAREX and one OPTIMEX FFS.

W&H has built a new extrusion technology center for customer demonstrations. The technology center covers 3827 squaremeters, is almost 90 meters long, 44 meters wide and 25 meters high. With a height of 18 meters, the VAREX II 5-layer and 11-layer are the largest installations. "The special thing about our new technology center is its dimensions. Now, for the first time, we can present all our extrusion lines (blown film and cast film) together in one center. In the past, we had two false ceilings in our plant for the blown film lines. This meant that the blown film lines in particular could never be seen as a whole. That's different today," says Martin Backmann, Division Manager Research and Development Extrusion Equipment. In the W&H extrusion technology center, W&H customers can not only view a complete lineup with all the technical innovations, but also experience the performance of the lines live. For example, new formulations are worked out and tested on site. "In order to convince customers of the possibilities offered by machine technology today, we have to run the products under real conditions and work together to optimize their film production process," Backmann says. The new pilot plant took just under a year to build. The construction of the first line began in May 2018. From June 2019, the OPTIMEX II 3-layer will be the last blown film line to be installed in time for the K 2019. By mid 2020, the extrusion technology center will be fully equipped with the FILMEX II, which is available at the printing technology center until then.