Recyclable thermoformed Tray

PE-EVOH-Film with Superior Optics for Demanding Applications

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Your benefits at a glance

Recyclable Thermoformed tray

  • Reduced food waste through extended shelf life
  • Produced according to RecyClass Class B guidelines
  • Lower CO2 impact compared to conventional packaging


  • The most efficient water quench technology
  • Excellent optics and superior performance in thermoforming
  • High output and outstanding energy efficiency

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recyclable thermoformed tray

The thermoformed tray is a highly-efficient packaging system with excellent mechanical, optical and barrier properties. The high oxygen barrier is achieved with an EVOH layer, representing <5% of the overall pack weight, which keeps the film compatible with the PE-LD recycling stream. The mechanical properties and excellent thermoformability are achieved by combining different PE resins with an attractive economical and ecological balance. The efficient cooling of the AQUAREX results in a highly amorphous structure giving the film its superior optical properties and thermoformability. To round out the environmentally-friendly concept, the lidding film used is a laminate of a recyclable PE-EVOH film and an MDO PE-film



AQUAREX has the most efficient water quench technology available in the market today. With its state-of-the art design, and world-class accuracy and perfect match of its components, the machine delivers best-in-class film quality with unmatched tolerances. The water quench system gives the film structure an amorphous characteristic for excellent optical properties and superior performance in the thermoforming process. It also helps to maximize line output and energy efficiency.

  • Consistent high film quality, achieved under precisely controlled and monitored production parameters
  • Quick start-up and changeover times through intelligent automation modules and unique die design
  • Exceptional energy efficiency thanks to intelligent energy monitoring
  • Sustainability benefits from high production output, energy efficiency and low waste levels
  • Unrivalled flatness made possible by uniform water cooling of the bubble and annealing using the EASY-FLAT unit