Vacuum Skin Packaging on AQUAREX

Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) provides packed goods with a second skin.

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Your benefits at a glance

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Why choose this film:

  • Reduced food waste through extended shelf life
  • Cut down material consumption
  • Excellent product presentation


Why choose this W&H machine:

  • The most efficient water quench technology
  • Improved processing and film properties enables you to produce VSP with excellent performance
  • High output, outstanding film properties and excellent machine availability through water cooling

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All about Vacuum Skin Packaging

Vacuum Skin Packaging is a highly efficient packaging film with excellent optical properties. It extends the shelf-life of fresh products like meat up to three weeks. Therefore, it reduces the food wastage from 12% to 3% for a beef sirloin steak. This is achieved among other functions by a high oxygen and moisture barrier.

Due to the attractive, clear packaging, customers can inspect and touch food products without spoiling them. The material usage is reduced compared to conventional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

  • Produced on TÜV certified energy efficient AQUAREX the VSP film offers the best optical presentation of fresh meat - like a second skin
  • Studies show: VSP helps to reduce food wastage from 12% to 3% for a beef sirlion steak
  • The amount of CO2 saved by avoiding food wastage is 10 times higher than the complete packaging process

Producing VSP on an AQUAREX

AQUAREX has the most efficient water quench technology today. The overall design, the machine accuracy and the perfect match of all components deliver best-in-class film quality. Minimize your energy consumption and reduce production waste at the same time.

  • Outstanding optical properties
  • Constant and reproducable first class film quality
  • Most efficient cooling for highest output
  • Unrivalled sustainability
  • Fastest start-up and change-over times through intelligent automation modules and unique die design
  • Highest energy efficiency thanks to intelligent energy monitoring
  • Unrivalled flatness made possible by uniform water cooling of the bubble and annealing of the film by our EASY FLAT unit


You can see our machines live at our Technology Center in Lengerich. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in a live demonstration.

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High output, outstanding film properties and the most efficient water quench technology. Learn more.

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