We care about quick solutions: In emergency call our IDC via +49 5481 14 3333 and +1 800 854 8702 (North America)

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Your advantages

  • Fast and efficient remote support from W&H experts
  • Free 24/7 service hotline
  • Remote service for troubleshooting via direct remote access to the machine
  • Visual Assistance for troubleshooting via live video transmission
  • Minimized unscheduled downtime
  • Reduction of repair and maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity

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Quick action is needed when machine malfunctions occur. On-site service is often not the easiest and quickest solution. W&H Remote Services offer effective support from afar.

With the W&H Information and Diagnostic Center (IDC), an experienced team of experts is at your disposal to answer technical questions and addressed issues around the clock and worldwide. Constant availability is ensured by three central locations. In order to ensure the best possible support, all our experts have comprehensive machine know-how and at least five years of practical experience as service technicians or design engineers.

We offer you the right service to suit your needs: Get assistance via our Service Hotline , the Remote Service and Visual Assistance .



  • 24/7 availability worldwide
  • Contact languages German and English
  • Secure connections over the Internet


  • 26 experts for extrusion, printing and converting
  • At least 5 years of practical experience
  • An average of 20 years of practical experience


There is a problem with your machine that needs to be fixed as soon as possible? Use the best of both worlds: with Visual Assistance you get fast support over the distance as close as on-site service. We digitally bridge the distance between you and our service engineers. Let them see what you see, and they will guide you as you are working side by side.

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