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Identification of hidden savings potentials
in your printing presses.

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  • Individual solutions tailored to any of your requirements.
  • Identification of hidden potential in your printing presses and drying systems:

    1. Energy saving

    2. Performance increase

    3. Cost reduction

Product information


Due to the increasing relevance of energy efficiency and the rapidly advancing technological development, we offer our customers individual consultation by our W&H drying experts in order to identify specific saving potentials.

Each printing machine generation has different savings potentials, which can be reconciled with individual customer needs such as CO₂ emissions, cost savings or increasing the autothermal operating hours of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO).

How it works

Dedicated W&H experts for drying retrofits will advise you individually, adapted to your needs. Get in contact with our specialists:

1. Our experts will contact and consult you via video call or on site: Machine specific discussion on customer needs and possible improvements.

2. After a consultation, we can carry out individual retrofits to optimize the drying of any W&H printing machine.

Exemplary Use Cases

1) Variable blast air speed with frequency converters

  • Up to 4.5% energy savings
  • Up to 35% reduction of exhaust air
2) 100% fresh air for waterbased inks

  • Increased drying performance and production speed
3) Upgrade Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) sensors
from LEL monitoring to LEL control

  • Reduced energy
  • Reduced exhaust air
  • Increasing autothermal operating hours of the
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) as well
4) Modified LEL sensor for remote maintenance

  • Reduced downtime for LEL calibration and testing procedure
    supported by the W&H Information and Diagnostic Center (IDC)


Looking for the right solution? We will be pleased to advise you on which solutions best suit your needs and help you make the right decision based on your individual requirements.

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