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TURBOCLEAN inking and wash-up system comes as a standard component on all W&H CI Flexo presses.

  • TURBOCLEAN S cost efficient inking and cleaning system powered by pneumatic diaphragm pumps.
  • TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED has pneumatic diaphragm pumps designed for both solvent and water based inks with automatic pump frequency control.
  • The award winning TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E uses electric pumps for ink and solvent supply. This extremely low maintenance option offers pulsation-free ink circulation, which results in reduced ink volume, increased energy efficiency, extremely short wash-up times and lowest solvent consumption.



NOVOPORT M - W&H's innovation for semi automated loading and unloading the NOVOFLEX press even with heavy and large print sleeves, bridge-adapters and anilox sleeves. Your advantages are:

  • Effortless use by one single operator
  • Fast exchange even of heavy sleeves and bridge-adapters
  • Safe transfer from sleeve cart to printing decks

NOVOPORT ADVANCED - for fully automatic loading and unloading of the NOVOFLEX printing units. The innovative robotic system allows for automatic exchange of printing sleeves, bridge-adapters and anilox sleeves. Your advantages are:

  • Automatic exchange of printing tools without manual support
  • Faster changeover - More press uptime
  • Highest safety standards


VISTAPORT fully automatic robotic system to load VISTAFLEX presses with print shafts/sleeves and anilox rollers

  • VISTAPORT enables VISTAFLEX to run sleeves up to widths of 2,2 meters and repeats up to 1,25 meters
  • Two independent robots for twice as fast changeovers
  • Integrated storage system with automated job sequence preperation

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