The most efficient cast line with consistent high film quality for optimal performance in the packaging process

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  • High machine utilization through fully integrated automation and control
  • Exceptional layer uniformity for superior sealing and deep draw performance
  • Best-in-class MD and TD thickness tolerances
  • Superior reel quality for a high utilization of slitted reels
  • CONSISTENT high film quality for optimal performance in the packaging process


  • Meat and cheese packaging
  • Bakery products
  • Lid film, vacuum pouches
  • Sealed-edge bags
  • Packaging for medical applications

Product information

FILMEX II Barrier - The most efficient cast line with consistent high film quality for optimal performance in the packaging process

Wasting food is a global issue. Approximately one third of the food products produced globally is lost due to transport damage or spoiled food. High-quality barrier films are used worldwide to protect food and other sensitive goods and contribute significantly to reduce food losses. Further they are enabling hygienic packaging. The global demand for food protection is growing, while at the same time the demands on performance features and sustainability of the packaging solution are increasing.

Excellent performance in the packaging process

The FILMEX II for barrier applications is part of a new generation of Windmöller & Hölscher cast film lines. W&H extruders provide exceptional melt quality and uniform melt temperature distribution for consistent film properties. The extruder output is automatically controlled by precise gravimetric loss-in weight dosing units. This combined leads to superior machine direction tolerances of the film and also to excellent single layer precision - for reliable barrier properties, sealing and deep draw performance in the packaging process. The unique and universal W&H smooth barrier screws have the ability to process all types of common cast film resins without ever needing to be changed. Uniform melt lay on and high cooling efficiency on the chill roll is achieved with a specially designed air knife and ensures high clarity and transparency.

Exceptional winding quality and fully integrated automation

The FILMATIC II TC turret cast winder is utilized to produce excellent single reels or multiple ups. High reel concentricity and repeatable winding hardness make direct downstream processing of the film possible without prior rewinding. The FILMEX II is equipped with a fully integrated automation. It’s user-friendly, intuitive PROCONTROL TS interface covers all machine components, from resin conveying to the winder.

Technical data

Film structureup to 13 layers
Net film widthup to 4 m
Thickness gaugeup to 400 µm
Net outputup to 2.000 kg/h
Line Speedup to 350 m/min

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