Your automation system for your paper sack line

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Your advantages

  • high productivity
  • space saving configuration
  • flexible adaption
Important: The advantages of TRANSYSTEMS are not confined to new installations. Added to existing production lines, the automation elements have proved to increase productivity, open up additional production reserves, and optimise cost structures.


  • paper valve sacks

Product information

TRANSYSTEMS - Your automation system for your paper sack line

TRANSYSTEMS automated material flow elements provide the logistic interconnection of tubers and bottomers. Storage conveyors ensure that the bottomer is constantly supplied with tubes. Downstream of the bottomer, TRANSYSTEMS elements feed the sack packets to the ARCOMAT 3+ palletizer.

The optional EASY-FLOW 2.0 software package comprises several valuable assistance systems that support operators along the entire paper sack line. The Speed-up Assistant for instance pushes the production to the maximum job specific speed limits whereas the Roll Manager ensures that no surplus tubes are produced on the tuber. Individual speeds of the bottomer and the tuber are dynamically synchronized by the Autopilot heading to a constant production with maximum line output. With the help of all the assistances of EASY-FLOW 2.0 you will get the most out of your production and exploit yet unused potentials regarding downtime savings, waste reductions and speed increase.

Technical Data

Tube length32 – 165 cm (12.6" – 65.0")
Tube width18 – 74 cm (7.1" – 29.1")
Sack length25 – 138 cm (9.8" – 54.3")
Sack width18 – 74 cm (7.1" – 29.1")
Packet frequency (tubes)max. 8/min
Packet frequency (sacks)max. 33/min

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