Supplier onboarding

How to become a supplier?

How to become a supplier?

We are one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging machinery and our customers in all parts of the world are very demanding. We are consequently seeking efficient partners who work with us to increase and strengthen the competitiveness of our products through constant cost optimization and technical progress. What we expect of our suppliers:

  • Supply perfect quality products
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility in reacting to changing markets needs
  • Contract compliance
  • Delivery of complete systems, modules and components
  • "Design-to-Cost" cooperation
  • Innovative ideas
  • Continuous enhancement of the supply chain
  • Active support of cost-for-value analysis
  • Approval of the W&H General Conditions of Purchase
Do you meet our requirements and want to become a W&H supplier?

Please send your documents to:

Supplier portal and supplier evaluation

Supplier portal and supplier evaluation

Efficient, open and fair collaboration is important to us. Our supplier portal and supplier assessment process are important elements of this strategy.

Clear procedures of information exchange result in short delivery times with flexibility and punctuality, while minimizing inventory within the entire supply chain. Important prerequisites are short turn-around times in your administration, production and logistics, which will be secured by your ability to respond and perform at all times regarding any aspect of the process or product.

The W&H supplier portal plays a pivotal role in handling business transactions quickly and efficiently. Orders, order confirmations, invoices, inquiries and quotations can now be exchanged saving time and money.

For this purpose, the following modules and applications are available:

  • Complete order processing, including document exchange and provision of 3D data
  • Delivery date reminders
  • Electronic delivery note
  • E sourcing (inquiry processing)
  • Completion of defect reports
  • Supplier evaluation, action tracking
  • Long-term supplier declarations
  • JIT processing

Systematic and recurring supplier assessments are the foundation of W&H's supplier management. The combination of your ability to perform and your track record are integral criteria for selection and commissioning. In our monthly supplier performance reports, we analyze quality, punctuality and reliability as well as any deviations from the use of specified packaging materials.

In addition we perform a comprehensive evaluation of our partnership every two years. The supplier assessment will reveal whether goods and/or services supplied meet expectations and will provide both parties with an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. It also allows us to classify deviations based on their importance and to prioritize adjustments.In the event that suppliers do not meet our criteria long term, they will be phased out of our system.

We look forward to a successful partnership.

My W&H supplier portal

My W&H supplier portal

The following portal is an overview of the different functions and a corresponding link:

Ongoing functions of a cooperative Partnership

  • Vendor assessment
  • Claims
  • E-Sourcing (Requests)
  • Master data maintenance
Order System
  • Orders
  • Order Forms
  • Delivery reminders
  • Electronic vendors