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Gelpac Adds Capacity

Partnership & Trust that Grew during COVID

Gelpac, a Canadian converter of multiwall and polyethylene bags,has invested in a FLEXA II printer, ARCOMAT palletizer (both for converting), and a 3-layer OPTIMEX II blown film line, for their plants in Marieville and Farnham Quebec.

Operator on the FLEXA II control panel

Founded in 1956, Gelpac is well known for producing high-qualitymultiwall and plastic bags. They are also renowned for having aresourceful group of talented engineers who possess the abilityto fine-tune older equipment and make it work like new, including multiwall equipment from W&H.

What makes this partnership and purchase so special is not only that the machinery is new, but that the relationship and incredible trust were built during COVID, over Teams, without having met in person until after the purchase was completed.

Jonathan Blanchard Granger, Corporate Director of Engineering & Maintenance at Gelpac, said, “We were looking for a printer for our multiwall equipment and opened talks with W&H subsidiary, GARANT. The conversation led to a 6-color FLEXA II printer. At the same time, we explored used equipment, but after carefully assessing cost and risk factors, the FLEXA II made more sense." The printer, which is one of the first in operation, is running well.Gelpac and W&H worked closely to train the operators and helpthem master the press. “The ARCOMAT palletizer is exceptional; it runs fast and is highly accurate,” added Blanchard Granger.

Gelpac’s new 3-layer OPTIMEX II

While the other two orders were in the works, Gelpac reached outagain, this time about a 3-layer blown film line for its plastic bagbusiness. Granger explained, “The OPTIMEX II was attractive because of the film quality and that we could run back-to-backwinders with multiple ups. We knew the film quality would begood and the support from W&H is there, which made thedecision to buy a new line easy.”

Gelpac is committed to lowering its environmental footprint. Allbags manufactured by the company are 100% recyclable andmultiwall bags are designed to easily separate the plastic linerfrom the paper. They are also dedicated to promoting non-toxic packaging.

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