Stiff hand and machine film with excellent tear propagation resistance for reducing film weight on wrapped pallets

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Why 8 μm High Tenacity Film?

The 8 μm high tenacity film containing 30% PCR with folded edges provides a sustainable approach towardscreating stable hand and core break stretch wrappedloads by reducing film usage without compromise ofperformance. This high performance film helps improve operational efficiency for the end user while reducing product loss during logistics and therefore elevating brand image. The purpose of this film is downgauging logistics distribution centre's hand and machine wrapped pallets and still providing the required load containment.

  • Inclusion of 30% PCR within film structure meeting EPR sustainability directives and avoiding additional taxation
  • Thinner gauge film than traditional stretch film with added strength due to the double thickness folded edges
  • No scrap reels due to film edge damage
  • Reduces operator fatigue to maintain repeatable wrapping patterns

Your advantages

  • Reduced wrapping cost per pallet and packaging waste, meeting EU sustainability directives
  • Folded edges to eliminate reel damage and film breakage when reels are accidentally dropped on the ground
  • High stiffness with excellent puncture and tear propagation resistance to significantly reduce film breakage

Produced on W&H Cast Film Line FILMEX II Stretch

The FILMEX II is based on a modular concept that enables optimal user and product specific configuration options, thus offering the greatest possible flexibility in product design.

The development of the FILMEX II was driven byproductivity, flexibility, automation and sustainability. Every component is designed to deliver a consistent,superior quality film at top outputs. Shortest start-upand changeover times reduce the use of raw materialsand the amount of waste significantly while maintainingexcellent film quality.

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