PE-Film with PA-Recyclate

Processing of PA-Recyclate with Compatibilizer

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Your benefits at a glance

PE-Film with PA-Recyclate

  • Recyclability of PA-films proven by W&H
  • Use of recycled material for general packaging film
  • Continous quality control with RUBY Gain


  • A universal blown film line with the highest line output
  • Most precise film tolerances and product quality
  • Highest level of process stability and flexibility with the most demanding applications

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PE-Film With PA-Recyclate

With our PE-film with PA-recyclate, we are providing you with a proven circular economy concept overcoming the recycling issue of barrier and high barrier films.

  • 3-layer film with PA 6 and also CoPA/EVOH-recyclate content
  • Optimized film quality by compatibilizer
  • Final product is a general packaging film for various applications
  • Proven reusability of barrier films


The VAREX II offers unequaled modularity. Tailor-made solutions result in best-in-class flexibility. The LT and HPS II screws do not only process conventional polyolefins – but also recycled materials.

  • Innovative die head and extruder design for perfect melt distributions
  • The designable mandrels of the MAXICONE die head concept are a perfect fit for your application
  • Our extra long and driven collapsing unit is necessary for optimal flatness of the film
  • Our Gravimetric Throughput Control unit guarantees constant weight per m2 of film thanks to automated processing
  • ARCTIS cooling ring in combination with W&H internal bubble cooling for high output and perfect film tolerances
  • Our PROCONTROL TS is the highly-intuitive single point of operation system that integrates all the line operations and enables smart machine learning