PP based lamination film with barrier characteristics and compatible with mechanical recycling

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Why High Barrier Cast PP Pouch?

The high barrier cast PP pouch serves as our enhanced demonstrator for sustainable packaging solutions, designed for mechanical recycling. Both base films are mainly consisting of polypropylene and made on our FILMEX II cast film machine. The use of a minimized content of EVOH ensures that properties for long shelf life packaging applications are met, as well as compatibility for mechanical recycling is given. A supplementary inorganic coating of the base film improves the barrier properties. For bonding the films a tailored modular performance adhesive is used without adding noteworthy amounts of extraneous material. A major challenge is the incorporation and distribution of the EVOH within the polyolefinic structure. This was mastered by means of inhouse development for process know how and thanks to a machine design that provides melt with excellent quality. The achieved contact transparency reflects the very good result.

Your advantages

  • Sustainable design for compatibility with mechanical recycling
  • High barrier properties for improved shelf life
  • Excellent optical and mechanical properties

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The FILMEX II is based on a modular concept that enables optimal user- and product-specific configuration options, thus offering the greatest possible flexibility in product design. The development of the FILMEX II was driven by productivity, flexibility, automation and sustainability.

Every component is designed to deliver consistent, superior quality film at highest outputs. Shortest startup and changeover times reduce the use of raw materials and the amount of waste significantly while maintaining excellent film quality.

  • FILMEX II is individually customizable to your specific customer requirements as a result of modular concept
  • Die Control Wizard for faster product changeovers
  • Unique screw design provides excellent melt quality
  • FILMATIC II TC winding technology ensures superior reel quality

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