Recyclable coffee stand-up pouch

High Barrier Pouch designed for Recyclability and Packaging Performance

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Your benefits at a glance

Recyclable coffee stand-up pouch

  • Recyclability proven by W&H
  • Excellent production efficiency thanks to OPTIFIL P MDO automation
  • Improved barrier properties


  • Production efficiency with OPTIFIL P MDO automation
  • Extrusion of large variety of materials thanks to the robust and flexible extruder and die design
  • Full integration of all W&H machine components

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recyclable coffee stand-up pouch

The recyclable coffee stand-up pouch is an approach to conquering the challenges of sustainability. Most of today's barrier pouches use metallized BoPP or BoPET as a barrier layer and they are generally incinerated after use. The recycling of multi-material laminates is difficult due to the incompatibility of the different materials used. With our stretched MDO PE-film with an EVOH barrier layer in combination with our PE sealing film, we have created a laminate with a total amount of only 2% EVOH. This even exceeds the current recycling regulations and provides the barrier properties for oxygen and water vapor required for this kind of packaging. The barrier properties achieved are comparable to non-recyclable laminates like metallized BoPP/PE or metallized BoPET/PE.



Why VAREX II with MDO?

Extruders and Die
Our extruder and die technology provides a perfect melt homogeneity and an excellent melt distribution, which are the keys to the extrusion process. The technology produces films with consistent thickness of all of the individual layers, including that EVOH barrier layer. Key features are:

  • Innovative die and extruder design for perfect melt distribution
  • Variable mandrel execution of the MAXICONE die head concept allows you to design a die that matches your film recipes and applications.

Our MDO PE film is stretched to improve its mechanical and optical properties. W&H MDO technology allows our customers to optimize all process parameters.

  • All MDO roller temperatures and speeds can be controlled individually
  • Adjustable stretching gap during production for optimized film properties
  • Precise control of stretching process by web tension or stretching speed
  • Excellent film flatness despite the stiff nature of the film