Easy tear lamination film for modern flexible stand-up pouches

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Why 60μm Mopp Easy Tear Film?

The 60 µm MOPP film is used in the flexible packaging industry for a wide range of modern stand-up pouches. This film provides easy tear properties in balance with toughness and sealing performance, which is achieved by in-line monoaxially stretching of a cast film. The linear tear characteristics, transferred to other films and substrates in the laminates, offer an easy and convenient opening of the packaging. Furthermore, this single material film made from PP is designed for a better packaging and contributes to the growing activities in the circular economy.

  • Inclusion of a high level in-line recycled trim content
  • Machine oriented PP film with medium stretching rate
  • Balanced tear, toughness and sealing properties
  • Excellent flatness and consistent layer uniformity for highest efficiency in downstream lamination

Your advantages

  • Access to modern and better packaging solutions based on single materials from PP
  • Advanced film with high production efficiency through multiple up production
  • Packaging solutions for pouches with linear tear opening for a higher level of comfort

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The MDO II L for MOPP, MOPE and oriented barrier films is the consequent continuation of extending the FILMEX II product range for producing advanced cast films for food and technical applications. The new development was driven by productivity and process automation for mastering the operation complexity of conventional systems. The full integration of the MDO II L unit into the machine concept for ease of handling together with the ingenious P-MDO profile control delivers a consistent superior film quality at higher output rates and efficiency

  • MDO II L special designed stretching unit with automatic gap adjustment for highest process stability and reduced neck-in
  • P-MDO profile control with permanent automapping and assistance for a convenient operation ensuring an excellent film profile and consistent production
  • DIE CONTROL WIZARD touchless die operation for fast adjustments to ensure an efficient stretching process
  • FILMATIC TC II winding technology ensuring superior reel quality with low unwind forces for oriented films

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