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With Export Credit Agency (ECA) Covered Loans by W&H Financing

Our offer

Foreign trade can be a challenge. Our finance experts advise you on the best financing solution for your W&H machine. Among many finance products in the market, Export Credit Agency (ECA) covered supplier loans provide particularly interesting possibilities and advantages. For Germany, Euler Hermes manages the ECA business. We grant the loan – Euler Hermes provides the cover. Due to W&H group's longterm standing in the market as a family-owned business W&H can offer you a direct loan to finance the purchase of your W&H machine.

Sample payment schedule for an ECA covered supplier loan from W&H:

  • Before shipment: Down payment
  • First installment: After shipment/operational readiness
  • Hereafter: Semi-annual payments

Your advantages

  • Your credit limits with your bank are not affected
  • Maximum flexibility in your payment and therefore for your liquidity
  • Reduced initial costs with fixed down payment
  • Plannable annual costs with fixed interest rate
  • Processing is fast and documentation is minimum

Our other financing solutions for your W&H machine

For example

  • Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Collection
  • Accepting Payment Guarantees
  • Agency of Buyer's Loan
  • Agency of Leading Leasing Companies

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from left to right: Arend Schmidt, Birgit Keller, Udo Kauschke, Lasse Treger, Jakob Dick

Arend Schmidt

Global Head of Finance

Lasse Treger

Finance Manager

Jakob Dick

Finance Manager