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Scientex expands with W&H FFS offerings

W&H and Scientex Great Wall Ipoh (SGWI), established in 1973 and a member of Scientex Group, are connected by a long and trustful relationship. SGWI is owning several OPTIMEX, Converprints as well as OPTIMEX FFS machines. SGWI is based in Malaysia and is the largest heavy duty FFS film manufacturer in South East Asia. Back in 2019 they decided to invest in a competitive FFS solution. But lately, SGWI decided to trust in W&H again for their recent acquisition - a new OPTIMEX II FFS.

From left to right: Mr. HW Loh (Senior Manufacturing Manager), Mr. Scott Lim (General Manager for Chemor plant, Sungai Siput Plant & Klang Plant), Mr. Michael Lee (General Manager, Sales & Marketing)

But why the decision for W&H OPTIMEX II FFS? When asking Michael Lee (General Manager Sales), he highlights the partner-like consulting paired with convincing technical development in machine performance. Highest output rates boosting production by 50% as well as the excellent film quality, meeting their specific requirements. The latter was ensured by intense technical trials at the W&H technology center in Lengerich, Germany.

Besides SGWI appreciating W&H´s expertise when it comes to improving film properties, it is the level of service that meets SGWI´s high expectations.

The recent investment in OPTIMEX II FFS is part of SGWI´s larger expansion plans and we would be honored to continue to accompany SGWI on its journey.

The alternative: Production boost with retrofits

W&H’s new FFS extrusion technology, mainly the die head, air ring and post cooling technology, can eliminate today’s thresholds in form of back-pressure, bubble stability and blocking. All these components can be retrofitted to existing FFS extrusion lines. Just get in touch with our retrofitting team for your professional consultation.

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About Scientex

Scientex is a well-established flexible packaging producer from Malaysia which has 17 manufacturing plants across Malaysia, United States of America, Vietnam and Myanmar with sales offices spanning from Australia to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Japan. They are one of the world’s top manufacturers of stretch film and an end-to-end flexible plastic packaging producer with a presence across the packaging value chain, from plain films, base films and printed films to bags and multilayered flexible plastic packaging solutions used in industrial and consumer packaging. They are also driving innovation in sustainable films, such as mono-laminates and using PCR material.