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01.02.2023, North America


First North American Press with RUBY Check@Slitter

Overwraps Flexibles specializes in flexographic printing, laminating barrier films, and producing pouches and bags. Recently the company installed its first W&H press, a 10-color NOVOFLEX II at their plant in Dallas, TX.

“When W&H was pitching the business, they claimed the NOVOFLEX II could run no bounce and we were skeptical,” said Will Siler, Vice-President of Manufacturing and Technical at Overwraps. “Since commissioning, the press has been running extremely well and bounce-free on anything we’ve thrown at it. We can take challenging designs, run them on the NOVOFLEX and the results are amazing,” he added.

With the new press, Overwraps is currently running jobs at 1,800 ft./min, which is twice as fast as they were used to (the press can run up to 2,000 ft./min.). Whereas the automated systems and interface features made running the press easy, the increased speeds initially created a learning curve on how to feed the press fast enough, explained Siler.

This is the first press in North America to have RUBY Check@Slitter, which takes data from the W&H defect
detection system and communicates with downstream processes, in this case the slitter, indicating where to
stop and cut out defects.

Another valuable option on the press according to Overwraps is the insetter, which allows them to register
front to back printing on the second pass. The NOVOFLEX can throw a flying splice on the second pass at full speed and always stay in register with no need to stop the press.

“We’re very pleased with the performance of the press and ongoing responsiveness and quality of support from W&H,” concluded Siler.