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Stable, high-performance, user-friendly – Mauriflex makes a jump in quality with the first MIRAFLEX II

When looking for a new flexographic printing press, Mauriflex was wondering: Does investing in a quality machine pay off? After three years the answer is clear: Yes!

Mauritius, an island in the south-west of the Indian Ocean known as a paradise holiday destination, is the home of Mauriflex Flexo Printing & Packaging Ltd. The company is the leading package printer in Mauritius and has developed positively since its founding in 2012. Currently 150 to 200 tons of films are printed per year. Common PE films are extruded by Mauriflex itself.

The Mauriflex and W&H team during the acceptance inspection of the MIRAFLEX II M 8 at the factory in Mauritius.

Great investment decision for a young company

Due to this growth, Mauriflex was looking for a new central impression 8-ink flexographic printing press in 2017. For the young company, this entailed a huge investment decision. Aside from the price, aspects such as quality and supplier expertise also played a key role. Windmöller & Hölscher in particular scored with its extensive experience and intensive consulting. “The discussions and the subsequent installation were characterized by a high level of mutual trust,” says Andreas Wobker, Africa Regional Sales Manager at W&H. W&H Product Manager Ulrich Harte adds: “Mauriflex provided us with a high level of trust due to our extensive experience with the construction of several hundred MIRAFLEX machines.”

In August 2018, Mauriflex commissioned the MIRAFLEX II. At the beginning, the W&H assembly team trained the Mauriflex printing team on site. Half a year later, all print workers already clearly preferred the new machine.

Easier and quicker job change-overs

“For us, the MIRAFLEX II is clearly the best machine with an impression cylinder on the market,” emphasizes Anup Chaturvedi, General Manager at Mauriflex. “It is more stable, more efficient and more user-friendly than other machines in the segment. Job change-overs are easier and faster, involve less waste.” The employees can carry out job change-overs on the MIRAFLEX II approximately 70 percent faster than before. Material and ink waste are also significantly lower than with other printing presses.

Extensive portfolio of flexible packaging

All types of flexible packaging are printed using the flexographic printing technology, such as sales packaging, shrink films, laminating packaging and packaging for industrial applications. 90 percent is exported to Indian Ocean region & South Africa region. With the MIRAFLEX II, all jobs are now processed in two-shift operation. The maintenance intervals are observed, as, ultimately, Mauriflex wants to maintain the machine's performance as long as possible.

A quality leap, recognizing the customer

“From the practical experience of more than two years of production on the MIRAFLEX II, we see our decision confirmed,” says owner Alain van Waerenbeke, drawing a positive conclusion. “Moreover: Our customers also clearly recognize the 'quality investment' in the MIRAFLEX II. This also helps us with new customer acquisition.”

On this basis, there are further points of contact for the cooperation between the partners Mauriflex and W&H. Andreas Wobker furthermore notes: “The installation of the MIRAFLEX on Mauritius Island is a very positive example of the growth of flexographic printing in southern and eastern Africa and the growing interest of the region's leading printers in top-class machine equipment from W&H.”