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Heavy Duty Sack with a high content of Recycled Materials

A Challenging Mission

The Selene Group, is one of the leading producers and recyclers of industrial packaging films in Europe based in Italy. Their NextBag Heavy Duty Sack Films are a direct response to the growing consumer and regulatory demands for maximizing the use of post-consumer-recycled (PCR) materials.

Selene and the other players in the value chain, ExxonMobil, Windmöller & Hölscher and AVENTUS worked closely together, to develop a Heavy Duty Sack Film containing 50% PCR. The long year experience of all the players ensured, the most efficient way of moving forward and making the right choices along the way.

A strong collaboration

ExxonMobil´s expertise in polymer technology made sure the product requirements were fulfilled, even after several cycles of recycling, thanks to the ExceedTM XP 8313 performance PE resin.

Windmöller & Hölscher’s OPTIMEX II FFS line, optimized for heavy duty sack applications, guaranteed high quality, consistent and smooth film production at highest output levels. The state of the art FFS extrusion technology works well in new machines as well as retrofits. AVENTUS, our sister company, specialized in the filling and palletizing of bags for free-flowing goods, made the final proof of concept. The new TOPAS SF demonstrated how the new film could be processed at more than 2,600 bags per hour in a reliable and user friendly process.

Convincing results

It was the strong collaboration between the development partners, combined with the highest level of experience and technical know-how, that made this success story possible. A Heavy Duty Sack Film was developed containing 50% PCR, while meeting the performance and quality requirements of this challenging application and having some impressive features:

  • bag drop test outperforming standard virgin PE formulations
  • creep resistance and pallet stability in line with the industry standards passing accelerations test
  • world class performance in the film extrusion as well the bag filling processes

We are proud to showcase a success story strongly contributing to the circular economy - made possible by the collaboration between four trustful and experienced development partners.