The automation module that automatically stops and starts your VAREX II line with the touch of a button

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Why choose TURBOSTART:

  • Automatic line shutdown and start up with easy guided human machine interface
  • Fast and easily operable by one operator to ensure high machine efficency
  • Reducing hazards and ensuring operator safety by machine-aided removal of airpockets and automatic film separation


Why choose this W&H machine:

  • Most consistent high quality film for optimum performance in the downstream process
  • Highest production efficiency through fully integrated automation
  • Machine designed for maximum product flexibility

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Ensuring the quality of the produced film is one of the most critical challenges producers have to face. Therefore the production process needs to be controlled in every significant step. Shutting down and starting up a line demands a deep knowledge of concluding the right steps and adjustments in the correct order.

The new automation modules TURBOSTOP and TURBOSTART support the operator in shutting down and starting up the line in a simple seven-step approach. The intelligent interaction between software and dedicated hardware components ensure an automatic process from shutting down all machine components, securing the film in the line and starting up all components again, until the line is running again.

  • Fastest possible shutdown and start up process for a more efficient production
  • Minimal operator involvement for ensuring process stability and high end product quality
  • Enhanced operator safety through less knife usage during start up process

Compared to a manual shutdown and start up, more than 50% time is saved. TURBOSTART guides the operator through a simple process – all managable on one screen. The intelligent software reduces the more than 500 manual parameter changes to a seven-step process.


The VAREX II is based on a modular concept that enables optimal user- and product-specific configuration options, thus offering the greatest possible flexibility in product design. The development of the VAREX II was driven by productivity, flexibility, automation, and sustainability. Every component is designed to deliver consistent, superior quality film at top outputs.

Short start-up and changeover times reduce the use of raw materials and significantly decrease the amount of waste – while maintaining convincing film quality. The unique W&H screw design guarantees consistent and perfect melt quality. With the specialized MAXICONE die design highest flexibility of producible products as well as best film quality can be achieved.

The VAREX II is equipped with fully integrated automation. The user-friendly, intuitive PROCONTROL TS user interface covers all machine components – from pellet supply to winder.

  • Maximum product flexibility through individually customizable VAREX II extrusion platform
  • Best in class film properties ensured by patented machine technology
  • Best winder portfolio in the market tailorable for every film application


You can see our machines live at our Technology Center in Lengerich. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in a live demonstration.

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Modular concepts for optimal product fits. Learn more about the VAREX II.

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