Post-Industrial Collation Shrink

A state-of-the-art 40 µm Collation Shrink film containing 30% post-industrial recycling material PIR

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Post-consumer Collation Shrink

Why choose this film:

  • Excellent film and roll quality
  • Sustainable solution with 30% PIR while maintaining the high performance on the packaging lines
  • Maintaining the same critical properties of the film produced with virgin materials


Why choose this W&H machine:

  • A universal blown film line with the highest line output
  • Most precise film tolerances and product quality
  • Highest level of process stability and flexibility with the most demanding applications
  • Highest level of machine intelligence and well integrated processes

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All about Post-Industrial Collation Shrink

WINMÖLLER AND HÖLSCHER continues its collaboration with the leading polymer producer Exxon Mobil to further develop a high-end segment of collation shrink films. Presenting a 5-layer 40 µm film containing 30% PIR material, meeting the requirements of the application and on the critical performance criteria in the end use. Made possible by the use of Exxon Mobil’s high-performance polyethylene and Exceed TM XP, produced with the proprietary catalyst technology.

The highly versatile 5-layer POD technology allowed the collaborating R&D teams to overcome the additional challenge of incorporating a high level of PIR materials – while maintaining maximum machine output and film performance.

The film is produced at the highest standards of material economy:

  • Precise thickness and width tolerances
  • Perfect film and roll quality
  • Minimed film waste in extrusion, printing and packaging

Our Partner

The project has been a joint development between WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER and Exxon Mobil to provide a highly competitive market with a cutting-edge solution. The performance polymers combined with a high precision 5-layer film extrusion technology created enough reserves in the film strength, holding force and sealing performance, which enabled the addition of the high percentage of PIR.

Visitors of the WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER stand at the K 2019 show will have the chance to examine the film in production and are presented with a final printed pack of water bottles, two production steps further. Visitors will also be able to compare packs wrapped with the film based on 100% virgin materials and wrapped with film containing 30% PIR – Revealing the visual distinctions that future consumers will link to more sustainable packaging.

About Sustainability

It is essential not only to use plastics but to use and reuse them accordingly for sustainable environmental protection. The high level of material processing capabilities of the Varex line enables the application of a wide range of resins –producing excellent quality and homogeneous properties with highly precise tolerances. This necessary basis for sustainability driven efforts ranges from downgauging to using regrind. The WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER technology accompanies these efforts with a wide array of machine intelligence increasing process efficiency and reducing material and energy losses.


The VAREX II offers unequaled modularity. Tailor-made solutions result in best-in-class flexibility. The LT and HPS screws not only process conventional polyolefins – but also recycled materials and even bio-based plastics.

  • Our VAREX II extruders deliver excellent melt quality
  • The designable mandrels of the 11-layer MAXICONE die head concept are a perfect fit for your application
  • Our extra long and driven collapsing unit is necessary for an optimal flatness of the film
  • Innovative die and extruder design for perfect melt distribution
  • Gravimetric Throughput Control guarantees constant weight per meter of film thanks to automated processing
  • ARCTIS cooling ring in combination with W&H internal bubble cooling for high output and perfect film tolerances
  • The VAREX II has a highly intuitive single point operating system that integrates all the the line operations and enables smart machine learning
  • FILMATIC S2 winder automatically maintains a constant winding tension and winding pressure and irrespective of the changing film thickness and width
  • Runs without the need for edge trim removal, thanks to perfect width tolerances


You can see our machines live at our Technology Center in Lengerich. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in a live demonstration.

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EVOH replacement with G-Polymer: Learn more about sustainability with the VAREX II.

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