ALL PE based stand up pouch designed for recyclability, packaging performance and production efficiency.

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ALL PE Pouch

Why choose this end product:

  • Designed for recyclability
  • Excellent packaging performance
  • Proven film concept along the value chain


Why choose this W&H machine:

  • Achieve the required film properties with our leading MDO technology
  • Excellent film quality at highest output
  • Machine design allows the production of both MDO-PE film (25µm) and sealing film (110µm) on the same line

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ALL PE Pouch

In today’s time, the flexible packaging industry has more than ever been asked to provide solutions for sustainable end products. Our industry must do its part to help end-consumers and brand owners to offer more recyclable packaging solutions. With our ALL-PE stand up pouch we are providing you with a proven film concept that helps to overcome the recycling problem of mixed material laminates like PET//ALL PE.

  • Robust, high-quality process
  • Recyclability is proven by W&H including the usage of recycled MDO-PE material in the sealing film
  • Excellent film flatness due to OPTIFIL P-MDO automation

The pouch is made of a stretched and stiff MDO-PE film which is laminated to a PE sealing film making the end product a mono material laminate. Thanks to the high stiffness and best planarity of the MDO-PE film we have proven the pouch making process in state-of-the-art pouch making machines. Gloss, transparency and mechanical properties of the film fulfill the requirements of the downstream processes. In addition, the edge trim from the stretched film is re-used in the PE sealing film, minimizing the overall waste along the value chain. And our mono-material pouch is fully recyclable.

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There are many challenges that come up during the pouch converting process – especially when using Mono-PE materials. Some of these include: limitations on web tension, problematic web guiding, different sealing variables and reduction in performance.
B&B Verpackungstechnik is able to overcome these challenges by using more than 25 years of pouch making experience in PE/PE converting and is able to provide efficient high quality pouch making machinery.

Dow provides resins for this application that fulfill all requirements of the end product. This pouch contains stiff PE resins with great processability as well as a high temperature resistance in the skin layer to achieve high production efficiency in pouch making. Specially optimized recipes ensure excellent sealing performance of the lamination film.


  • Leading MDO technology combined with best process know how
  • Production efficiency due to the OPTIFIL P-MDO automation, which is reducing the edge trim
  • Extrusion of large material variety possible due to the robust and flexible design of our extruders and dies
  • All important machine parts (e.g. extruders, MDO, winder) adjust automatically thanks to our single point operation panel PROCONTROL TS
  • Printability proven on HELIOSTAR S II rotogravure printing press


Our MDO-PE film is stretched in order to improve its mechanical and optical properties. W&H MDO technology allows our customers to optimize all process parameters.

  • All MDO roller temperatures and speeds are individually controllable
  • Adjustable stretching gap (5-60mm) during production for optimized film properties
  • Stretching rate can be set via stretching force or speed ratio
  • Despite the stiff nature of the film, a wide film with excellent flatness can be produced


You can see our machines live at our Technology Center in Lengerich. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in a live demonstration.

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Excellent film quality at high output: Want to create products on the VAREX II? Find out more!

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