W&H Chamber End Seals

High-quality end seals specially designed for W&H machines.

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Your advantages

  • Original end seals specialized for W&H flexo printing machines
  • High-quality end seals for different requirements and applications
  • Individual expert advice for your optimal end seals
  • Reduction of leaks and downtimes
  • Increased productivity and product quality

Product information

High-quality end seals specially designed for W&H machines

For optimum printing results it is essential to adapt the consumables to the printing machine and the requirements of the printing process. The chamber end seals in particular have a significant impact on the efficient operation of the doctor blade chamber.

Original W&H chamber end seals are specially developed to be used on our flexographic printing presses. They are manufactured with the highest precision and are precisely aligned to the ink chambers of our individual machines. They provide the necessary density and ensure optimum ink application even at high printing speeds and long runtimes.

Our consumables portfolio includes a wide range of different end seals for various applications. This way you are optimally equipped for all challenges in your daily production.

Technical Data

Chamber end seals for W&H printing machines: MIRAFLEX, MIRAFLEX II and VISTAFLEX

Product nameMax. speedLifetimeInking system
CSL 350 (soft)350 m/minMediumSolvent based inks
CSF 600 (medium hard)600 m/minMediumWater based inks
CSS 600 (soft)600 m/minMediumSolvent based inks
CSC 800 (medium hard)800 m/minHighSolvent based inks
Water based inks
CSE 1000 S (soft)1000 m/minExtra highSolvent based inks
Water based inks
CSE 1000 H (hard)1000 m/minExtra highSolvent based inks
Water based inks


Consumables consulting

To ensure that you use the right consumables tailored to your machines and applications, we support you with individual expert advice. This way you improve not only the printing quality but also your productivity and efficiency in the long term.

Our consumables advice includes:

  • In-depth expert analysis with regard to your printing machine, print jobs, quality and productivity
  • Identification of open potentials
  • Support with printing and production-related questions
  • Design of an optimally harmonized consumables package
  • Optimization of machine settings and the print process
  • Assistance for professional machine operation
  • Improvement of productivity and product quality

Get your personal consumables advice

Looking for the right chamber end seals? Our experts are happy to advise you personally on the selection of the optimal consumables for your printing machine and production requirements.

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