Certified Trainers

Technical expertise professionally taught

  • Qualified and practice-tested: Learning from certified trainers
  • Efficient and sustainable transfer of technical expertise
  • Highest learning success through professional methodology and didactics
  • Experience from over 260 trainings per year
  • Continuous training regarding the latest technologies and tools

More about our certified trainers

Top quality, short delivery times and small order sizes - your customers expect maximum performance from you. This requires a high degree of machine availability and optimized processes. The qualification of your employees is also of great importance. In order to ensure that we impart knowledge efficiently and sustainably to our training participants, we continuously invest in the training and further education of our trainers. It is our goal to keep them up to date at all times.

With the successful further training as "Certified Technical Trainer TTxTT practice tested" our trainers have the currently highest qualification on the training market for technical trainers in Germany. In this way, we ensure that the W&H Academy has the best know-how to impart technical expertise to our customers and employees.

The extensive technical knowledge and experience of our trainers are a prerequisite for successful training. Together they have more than 140 years of practical experience as trainers and service technicians. The right methodology and didactics guarantee maximum learning success. Today, the W&H Academy provides more than 260 technical trainings per year for our national and international customers as well as for our own employees.


11 trainers for customer and service technician training courses completed further training to become "Certified Technical Trainer TTxTT practice tested". The certificate is currently the highest qualification on the training market for technical trainers. In this way, we ensure that our trainers have the best tools to pass on technical expertise to customers and employees. Knowledge that gives you a competitive edge!

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