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Passion for Innovation: Operating by this motto, we have built on our worldwide leadership in technology and productivity. We owe much of our success to our suppliers. The technological standards of our products and our ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs are benchmarks that also affect our vendor structure.We believe that global suppliers along with competent, highly-motivated employees are the keys to the strategic and international orientation of Windmöller & Hölscher as well as for our continued success in the world market.

We classify our suppliers based on performance and potential. Only suppliers who perform well consistently will be included in the W&H supplier list and considered for new projects. This means we concentrate on just a few partners. Experience has shown this kind of intensified cooperation to be beneficial for both parties. Our goal is to work with only the best suppliers on a long-term basis.

By involving suppliers early on, implementing mutually agreed upon quality assurance measures and making logistical progress together, we've been able to constantly improve our cost basis. Continuous process development and joint product optimization will provide additional potential for cost reduction for you and W&H. We invite you to develop strategies with us that best utilize our resources. The principles in the following purchasing strategy are the foundation for successful collaboration.

How to become a supplier?

We are consequently seeking efficient partners who work with us to increase and strengthen the competitiveness of our products through constant cost optimization and technical progress.

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