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GARANT: Growth & In-house EXPO

News from the W&H Group’s Paper Bag Division

“Since establishing an office at W&H's Rhode Islandlocation in 2021, GARANT has experienced a significant increase in demand for paper packaging machinery across the North American market. Michael Reinhardt,Sales Manager at GARANT, emphasizes, “This growth in the paper packaging sector is driven by online and local etailers seeking options that are suited for curbside recycling programs.”

The new end-of-the-line automation for e-commerce paper bags. Live at the GARANT In-house EXPO in Lengerich

Reinhardt further notes, “There is a place for both plastic and paper solutions, and I am pleased that W&H and GARANT can provide both. Being co-located with W&H strengthens our capacity to offer robust local service and spare parts, enhancing our commitment to customer satisfaction."

In May, during drupa, GARANT is set to host their In-house EXPO on the same dates as the W&H In-house EXPO. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect to see:

  • Two-ply block bottom, industrial packaging (with/withouthandle) on TRIUMPH 5-F6 for fast format changeoverswhile conserving material.
  • Cross bottom bags for hygiene applications, featuring overwrap for baby diapers on EXTRA 5-FS with coated paper and sealing lacquer.
  • E-commerce shipping and return mailer bags with two closure strips and inline paper tear strip on MATADORe.BAG & the new fully-automated inspection and packaging system.
  • GARANT Production Monitoring for efficient order and production management, analysis options, and process optimization.
  • The new GARANT Energy Monitoring, a system for analyzing energy consumption in production.

We invite you to join us! For more information, please email or visit

GARANT North American Contacts

Mike Reinhardt

Product Manager - W&H Printing & Garant

Vladimir Unruh

Service Consultant North America

Dirk Kroll

Webconvert Ltd. Regional Sales Representative Canada

Marvin Williams

Area Sales Manager