Bagging Expertise from the Product Silo to the Ready-To-Ship Pallet

FFS is unbeatable when it comes to productivity and commercial efficiency:

  • Bags are produced, filled and sealed inline
  • No need to purchase, stock and fill pre-made sacks
  • Best marks for product protection, handling in logistic operations, and effectively presenting the goods at the point-of-sale
  • Completely closed, perfectly strong, water-tight and attractively printed
  • Boxshape bag utilizes transport and storage space in the most economical way
We are seeing FFS not only as an isolated bagging process but as an integrated packaging concept. You can rely on W&H's extensive knowledge from the product silo to the ready-to-ship pallet. On top of that, we are the only supplier to offer you, in addition to FFS equipment, dedicated extrusion systems for heavy-duty sack, shrink and stretch films. Learn more about the wide W&H FFS range.

Technology for Free-Flowing Bulk Products

AVENTUS is the joint venture by HAVER & BOECKER and W&H for solutions for packing of free-flowing loose goods up to finished pallets.