Continuously monitor and analyze production parameters to ensure consistently high film quality

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  • Continuously supervise your live production processes to ensure in spec production
  • Use smart import & recognition features to recognize your products automatically
  • Define set points and process limits for your products automatically based on past production data
  • Correlate process & product data with quality data from inline & lab systems


  • All W&H extrusion lines

Product information

RUBY GAIN to continuously monitor and analyze production parameters to ensure consistently high film quality

By combining MACHINE, PRODUCT and QUALITY data in one system, RUBY Gain supports your ongoing production on every machine and lets you continuously learn from past productions. Real-time triggered machine alerts avoid scrap production, increase film quality and improve production efficiency.

RUBY Gain automatically suggests limits for all relevant production parameters based on W&H process know-how and data analytics. Continuously monitoring these limits, RUBY Gain always hints the right points to look at - for operators at the shop floor as well as for process engineers and quality management in the office.

Use cases for RUBY GAIN

1. Monitoring to detect good production

  • Continuously monitor parameter limits
  • Limit violations shown in RUBY and PROCONTROL
  • Know exactly when good production starts Reduce startup-waste

2. Recommendation of correct parameter settings

  • Define limits for important parameters per product
  • Continuously monitor parameter limits
  • Get notified about wrong parameter settings so they can be corrected
  • Reduce changeover waste

3. Post-production analysis to identify hidden problems

  • Define limits for important parameters per product automatically
  • Analyze limit violations offline
  • Identify and resolve underlying problem
  • Ensure film consistency and improve film quality

4. Traceability of roll data

  • Easily access production data and lab data for every roll
  • Analyze abnormalities in production of specific roll
  • Define new limits based on learnings to increase film quality in future production runs