Connectivity Modules

RUBY offers the relevant interfaces to connect your business.

RUBY Connectivity Modules

RUBY is the central connectivity hub for your W&H machines.

  • All W&H machines can be connected to RUBY and for machines after 2010 (Extrusion) and 2016 (Printing) no further hardware is needed.
  • RUBY is open to most standard interfaces (like OPC UA), so you can get your W&H machine data to the system of your choice.
  • RUBY also supports bi-directional interfaces to transfer Job data and setting to and from the machine to your ERP or MES system.
  • RUBY can be connected to the W&H Cloud for secure data storage and mobile access.

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The RUBY platform runs on a server supplied by W&H that has the RUBY software pre-installed and is maintained by the W&H support team. Alternatively RUBY can be hosted on a virtual machine in customers data center.

To make older W&H machines Fit 4 RUBY they need an update of the master computer, which is offered as a retrofit solution


RUBY is the central connectivity hub for your W&H machines. With Connect 2 RUBY simply via software update and interface configuration connect your W&H machines with the RUBY platform.

For a complete digital workflow the module Connect 4 Flow also integrates other systems (like ERP or MES) for bi-directional exchange of job data.

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You want to integrate your data history into RUBY? With Data Migration for Extrusion this is no problem. Get in touch with our experts.


Do you have questions about connectivity? Our IT specialists will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance and help you get started in the world of smart production.

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How to install RUBY

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