Machine overhaul

We reduce your downtimes to a minimum

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  • Long-term value retention of the machine
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • Increased machine availability and productivity
  • Highest quality through the use of Original Spare Parts

Product information

Machine overhaul - We reduce your downtimes to a minimum

With reliably high quality, W&H machines guarantee first-class product manufacturing and highest productivity. The condition of the individual components influences the performance of the entire machine.

The diverse components are subject to continuous stress in the course of day-to-day operation. High production performance in contact with raw materials and chemicals result in natural wear. This ultimately limits their service life and functionality.

After many years of operation, replacing worn components becomes inevitable. We support you with professional machine overhauls. In the course of an Inspection, our experts identify any necessary measures and work with you to create an action plan tailored to your needs in order to modernize your machine. Our service technicians then carry out the necessary repairs and replace the worn components. In the process, we ensure that your W&H machine remains operational and efficient over the long term.