Go one better with the fully-automated flexo press

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Your advantages

  • Fully-automated job changeovers with two independent robots
  • Extremely high production output
  • Pre-Make-Ready function of unused decks for quick changeovers
  • Large print widths up to 2,200 mm (86.5") and
  • Repeats up to 1,250 mm (49.2")
  • Enhanced robust printing decks for exceptional print quality even at 800 m/min production speed
  • Fully-integrated automation systems for intuitive handling
  • Packaging 4.0 ready


  • All food and non-food flexible packaging
  • For film, paper, laminates and non-woven substrates
  • Designed for solvent or water-based inks
  • Downstream units for flexo-/rotogravure-printing, laquering and lamination
  • Special applications e.g., non-wovens and breathable film printing with high-speed inline slitting

Product information


The new VISTAFLEX II is the central impression press for wide and ultra-wide webs, long print repeats and high outputs featuring a unique mandrel and sleeve handling concept.

Go one better with the VISTAFLEX II:

  • VISTA-PORT robots for completely automated changeovers at the push of a button
  • Changeover of unused decks while the press is running
  • Preparation of all print sleeves and anilox rollers for up to four subsequent jobs in the VISTA-PORT storage system
  • Extremely high print speeds and overall productivity
  • EASY automation modules for impression and register setting as well as color matching
  • VISION system for web monitoring and defect detection
  • TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED / E: Award-winning, most efficient inking and washing system with diaphragm or electric pumps for fastest changeovers and minimized ink loss
  • Available with the RUBY IoT platform coupled with Connect 4 Flow for automated smart job queueing and optimized workflow



Color decks8 / 108
Print widths1,300 - 1,650 mm
(51" - 65")
2,000 - 2,200 mm
(78.75" - 86.5" )
Repeat lengthmax. 1,250 mm (49.2")max. 1,250 mm (49.2")
Press Speed600 / 800 m/min
(1,960 / 2,620 ft/min)
600 / 800 m/min
(1,960 / 2,620 ft/min)



Exceptional Print Quality

  • Field-proven satellite deck design with compact CI and optimized flow of forces resulting in exceptional print quality even at 800 m/min (2,620 ft/min.) production speed
  • Extra robust and high precision bearing system designed for heavy duty print jobs with excellent print quality

Extremely high Output

  • Printing speed up to 800 m/min (2,620 ft/min.)
  • Rapid set up and job changeovers due to simultaneous plate cylinder changes and wash-up cycles
  • Fast impression and register setting
  • Minimum downtime & maximum output!

Easy Changeovers

  • Cylinders remain in the press.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable and safe manual sleeve changes at floor level
  • Different sized base mandrels available in steel and carbon fiber
  • No heavy lifting of adapters and easy handling of sleeves for operator

Intelligent Automation

  • 2 integrated high-speed robots for fully-automated job changeovers at the push of a button
  • Pre-Make-Ready: Preparation and storage of all cylinders for up to four subsequent jobs while press is running

Optimized Workflow

  • RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) system for digital identification of base mandrels, anilox rollers and plate sleeves including automated cylinder changes
  • Safe handling of plate cylinders and anilox rollers with no mix up due to clear RFID identification
  • Connection to RUBY IoT System to make better use of data and optimize workflow
  • Link to customer ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for automated smart job queueing

"For us the VISTAFLEX II is a no brainer"
Ray Graham, Vice President Operations at AP


"We use nine VISTAFLEX presses at APC, our first two were installed in 2011/12. After we figured out how to “feed the beast” fast enough, we had great success by running high-quality jobs faster than ever. It’s the most automated press on the market. While the press is running, four subsequent jobs can be prepared and stored in the VISTA-PORT. This makes it easy to handle long and short runs. With the multiple machines at APC, roughly thirty jobs can be prepped. This makes life easy! Job changeovers are fully-automated with the simple push of a button. So for us the VISTAFLEX II is a no brainer. It has everything the VISTAFLEX has and more … such as VISION, RUBY Check and RUBY Connect 4 Flow integrated.”

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