The Customized High-Output Blown Film Line for Demanding Applications

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At a glance

Your advantages

  • Produce a wide product portfolio with one machine
  • Use the largest process window of all machines on the market
  • Produce demanding applications like barrier, sticky and very wide film

Typical Film Applications Include

  • Consumer Packaging: with food-contact
  • Consumer Packaging: non-food
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Specialties, like barrier, stretched film (MDO), sticky film, wide film

Product information

VAREX II - The Customized High-Output Blown Film Line for Demanding Applications

Modular Concept

The VAREX II is based on a modular concept that allows almost unlimited configuration options. High-performance 8 µm thick PE-HD liner films and 11-layer barrier films with an EVOH layer of only 1 µm thickness are already part of the VAREX II range of applications, and there is no end in sight for development. Needless to say, the VAREX II is also the right choice for PE applications, recycling materials or biomaterials.

Assistence and Automations

Short start-up and changeover times reduce the use of raw materials and significantly reduce the amount of waste - while maintaining convincing film qualities. The development of the VAREX II was driven by productivity, flexibility, ergonomics and sustainability. If you want the best blown film quality with maximum output rates and optimum material efficiency, the VAREX II is the machine of choice.

Technical Data

Since the VAREX II is customized to your specific needs technical specifications are unique to your machine. Get in touch with us to receive detaillied information.

Haul-off film widths [mm]1300 – 3600
Number of film layers in the die1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
Extruder screw diameters (mm)50, 60, 70, 90, 105, 120, 135
Die diameters [mm]160 - 900
Raw MaterialsPE, PP ,PA, PLA, EVOH, Ionomers, biomaterials, recycling materials, …
WindersFILMATIC'' S (surface / center / gap winder)
FILMATIC'' T (turret winder)
FILMATIC'' N (surface / center / gap winder)
Special equipmentSide gusseting
Water bath
Annealing unit
MDO, ...