Water-quench blown film line - extrusion turned up-side-down

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At a glance

Your advantages

  • High transparency, gloss and puncture resistance
  • Eliminated curling for asymetric barrier film
  • Outstanding film qualities
  • Very stable process
  • High amorphous films

Film applications: Examples

  • Consumer Packaging: with food-contact
  • Consumer Packaging: non-food
  • Specialties, like thermoforming film, barrier film, Infusion Bags, Medical Packaging, Oil Film, Milk Packaging, Frozen Food Packaging

Product information

AQUAREX - Water-quench blown film line - extrusion turned up-side-down

AQUAREX turns blown film production upside down and changes the typical structure of a blown film line. It extrudes downwards and uses water instead of air as cooling medium. The use of water allows extremely fast cooling of the melt, a low degree of crystallization and an extremely amorphous film structure. The result is a film with a striking gloss, high transparency and exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

These properties could formerly only be achieved by PVC extrusion or - to a limited degree - on cast film lines. AQUAREX thus opens up completely new applications for PE materials in the packaging sector and scores with its user-friendly handling.

Technical Data

Haul-off film widths [mm]1300 – 1600
Number of film layers in the die [-] 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
Extruder screw diameters [mm]50, 60, 70, 90, 105, 120, 135
Die diameters [mm] 300 - 630
Raw MaterialsPE, PP ,PA, PLA, EVOH, Ionomers, biomaterials, recycling materials, …
Winders FILMATIC'' S (surface / center / gap winder)
FILMATIC'' T (turret winder)
FILMATIC'' N (surface / center / gap winder)

FILMATIC Winder - Highest winding quality at any time

The FILMATIC winding portfolio is unique in the market. From surface winder to high-end winder with precise regulation of the winding process – W&H offers solutions for every requirement.

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