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  • up to 220 pcs / min
  • big size range
  • highest product quality


  • liner sacks
  • food
  • hygiene and chemical products

Product information

ROTALINER - Your machine for liner sack production

Many products for the chemical and food markets or for technical applications (e.g. pigments, pharmaceutical base materials, milk or ferrite powder) need special packaging to meet the stringent standards with respect to hygiene and sift-proofness. These needs can only be met with special sacks. For many years, paper and plastic sacks with sealed liners have been successfully used for this purpose. The ROTALINER 2 allows these special products to be produced in an economically efficient manner and with excellent quality.

ROTALINER 2 offers you outstanding flexibility with regard to sack dimensions. It can handle tube widths from 300 mm to 750 mm and tube lengths from 500 to 1,600 mm. A special feature which makes the machine an attractive piece of equipment while at the same time providing the basis for new dimensions in terms of commercially efficient liner sack production, is the high output (up to 220 sacks/min. without Z-fold and up to 150 sacks/min with Z-fold). The innovative design of the sealing bars and the intelligent control of sealing time and sealing temperature guarantee perfectly clean and durable seals.

Technical Data

Liner width30 – 70 cm
Liner length50 – 160 cm
Film thickness20 – 150 µm
Liner unit speedmax. 220 sacks/min

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