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06.09.2018, Asia-Pacific

First 11-layer blown film line in the Asian market comes from W&H

While 11-layer lines are already increasingly being used in cast film extrusion for special applications, this trend is still very recent in blown film. In summer 2018, W&H sold the first 11-layer blown film line in the Asian market. "We are pleased that the first 11-layer line in the Asian market will be a VAREX II from W&H," says Michael Fischer, Managing Director of the W&H subsidiary in Asia Pacific. The VAREX II with 2,600 mm width will be delivered in November. A large film producer uses it primarily for the production of high barrier films.

11-layer films are particularly suitable for barrier applications in the demanding food market, e.g. sausage and cheese packaging. "In Asia, high-performance barrier films are becoming increasingly important, especially in the food sector. Consumers behave differently. This is for example due to demographic change and the trend towards convenience food. Durability and hygiene are becoming more important. The VAREX II with 11-layers enables flexible and efficient production of high-quality barrier films with excellent properties," says Fischer. "The VAREX II is a worthwhile investment for all producers who want to score with quality in the barrier film market. 11-layer lines will remain a smaller market segment in the Asian market compared to the universally applicable 5-, 7- and 9-layer systems. They are particularly interesting for customers who will continue to rely on full flexibility as a competitive advantage in the future," says Fischer.

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