High Performance Collation Shrink

Reducing Material Consumption by using High Performance Polymers

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your benefits at a glance

High Performance Collation Shrink

  • Excellent film and roll quality
  • Reduced virgin material consumption
  • Maintaining the same critical properties of established collation shrink films


High Performance Collation Shrink

Downgauging collation shrink film to 35 μm while meeting all performance requirements of the final packaging solution is a challenge. Such a thin film requires very small thickness tolerances and consistent layer distribution to achieve the needed performance. W&H's 5-layer polyolefin-dedicated (POD) technology combines consistent film performance with maximum machine output to boost line efficiency. Instead of downgauging, a performance polymer PE, acting as a booster, can be used to incorporate high amounts of post consumer recycled material while maintaining the original film thickness.


This joint development between ExxonMobil and W&H provides a highly competitive market with a cutting-edge solution. The performance polyethylene combined with high precision 5-layer film extrusiontechnology created enough reserves in the film strength, holding force and sealing performance, to add a high percentage of PCR.


The goal of this new winder generation was to achieve best-in-class winding performance, easy operation and excellent safety standards. The start of the winding pro-cess is critical, therefore we improved the surface winding from the beginning to the very end of the roll. To make the highly-complex winding process easy and reliable for all operators, W&H has developed a completely new human machine interface. Among other safety features, new light curtains and laser-supported core alignment promoted meeting the highest international safety standards.

  • Single point of operation reduces the risk of operator errors
  • Integration of W&H automation and assistence modules
  • Improved flexibility due to possible change of the winding direction
  • Improved accessibility for easier maintenance
  • Option for right angled cut with no foldback

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