With visual assistance off-site support gets as close as possible. We see, what you see. For Service Sight by Sight.

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  • Quick and efficient support
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • New service opportunities
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Increased machine availability and productivity
  • Worldwide 24/7 support by W&H experts


Service Sight by Sight

There is a problem with your machine that needs to be fixed as soon as possible? Use the best of both worlds: with Visual Assistance you get fast support over the distance as close as on-site service. We digitally bridge the distance between you and our service engineers. Let them see what you see, and they will guide you as you are working side by side.

Experience time-saving functions like sharing your live-view or taking pictures – ready to be edited and explained by our technicians in real-time. We easily share our knowledge on screen and provide further insights into solving the issue. Even in noisy surroundings you can follow up every step with our chat-function – with automatic translation into the language you prefer.

Get Visual Assistance as mobile app or for our two versions of data glasses. You can choose one, or even combine them for multiple points of view. It is up to you. Reduce downtimes to a minimum and boost your productivity - with Service Sight by Sight.

How it works?

1. Quick call, fast help

Call our IDC (Information and Diagnostic Centre) and get fast and efficient support by using live-video, chat and data exchange. With Visual Assistance you can fix your problems guided by an expert.

2. Choose Mobile App or Data Glasses

Using our app with your mobile device is as easy as possible. If you want to work hands-free our data glasses make it even more comfortable. It’s your choice.

3. Share the same view

These features are making a difference: Share your live-view, use the chat-function, take pictures and receive all documents you need. It’s as close as possible to customer service on site.

4. Accelerate the troubleshooting

Don’t wait for the service staff to come by, and increase machine availability. With Visual Assistance you will be guided by an experienced engineer to a quick solution for your problem.

Technical Features

Communication is the key. Especially when you need support. Guided by technicians at the IDC we provide a support experience as close as possible to being there with you. Your options:

  • Share your live-view and audio with the experts of W&H
  • Take and share pictures
  • Receive helpful live markings in pictures from our experts
  • Use chat or voice chat communication with automatic translation functions
  • Gain insight into documents such as technical drawings or circuit diagrams
  • Use your mobile device or data glass

Choose one or combine both – Your devices

Mobile App

  • Bring your own device
  • Easy download on iOS/Android
  • Intuitive handling

Data Glasses

  • Hands-free operating
  • Voice-controlled interface
  • Two versions available: Standard or ATEX certified

The next level of support

SPECIAL K 2019 offer: Try Visual Assistance for free

Visual Assistance will be available after its launch at K 2019. Register now for your personal live experience and benefit from one free Visual Assistance service request.

  • Enter your contact details
  • Get your personal account for Visual Assistance
  • Use one free service via Visual Assistance
  • Get technical real-time support by our engineers