Upgrade your extrusion lines with new modules to increase their performance.

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Adapt today’s technology to enhance performance of vintage lines

Increased output and better quality at a reasonable price is a goal of every film manufacturer. Our experience is that it's not always necessary to invest in a new line in order to achieve higher output levels. Often retrofitting an existing machine is all that's needed.

Experts in W&H's Retrofit department specialize in modernizing existing equipment, for example retrofitting a blown film line with the latest air ring technology. Our engineers will be happy to help you optimize your VAREX blown film lines, cast film lines as well as extrusion equipment from other manufacturers.


  • Result-driven - Always focused on the overall process
  • Flexible – Modular retrofit solutions, tailored to customer needs
  • Experience – Consulting based on the decades of expertise of the market leader
  • Future-proof – Latest technologies used for longtime reliable production

Retrofit examples

  • Air ring upgrades to get best in class film quality and output
  • Keep your line state of the art with newest automation modules
  • Extend product portfolio e.g. by adding MDO technology or…
  • Go ready for PACKAGING 4.0

Your Contact for Retrofits at W&H North America

Javeed Buch

Senior Vice President

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