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Reliable data for more output

How RUBY Track helped TENAX to identify hidden production potential

Start digitizing the value chain
Papiersackfabrik Tenax GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most effective and successful industrial sack manufacturers in Europe. Quality and flexibility are the pillars of their operations and they continuously push development to create the best products. In 2018, TENAX and W&H initiated a collaboration in order to break new ground. As a part of this cooperation, TENAX implemented W&H᾽s IoT system, RUBY to digitize their production and the value chain.
Within the RUBY system, TENAX works with the extension RUBY Track which was developed specifically for converting machines. All W&H paper sack machines at TENAX have access to RUBY Track through the intuitve operator panel. If operator input is needed, it can be done with a few clicks.

Automatic data collection at the machine
With RUBY Track for collecting data, making notes on a piece of paper is a thing of the past since TENAX changed to RUBY as the main system for gathering production data. RUBY Track automatically recognizes general and job-related reasons for downtime.This enabled TENAX to identify and utilize their hidden production potential using the accurate and reliable data from RUBY.
Previously subjective decisions such as when did the job start and how long did the setup take, have been replaced by data-based algorithms. "Thanks to RUBY Track we can benchmark our production runs and optimize target speeds. It was possible to generate more output", says Reinhard Schulze-Edinghausen, CEO at Papiersackfabrik Tenax GmbH & Co. KG.

Together into the future
Both companies meet each other regularly in order to identify and work towards further improvements. Currently they are working on enhancing the automatic product recognition and the calculation for estimated machine set-up times. Thanks to these developments, they have promised themselves unprecedented analytical possibilities, including benchmarking production runs. Together they expect to define perfect target speeds.