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Suraj Logistix adopts innovative solutions for a more sustainable cement packaging

India is the second largest producer of cement globally and more than 90% of it is packed in woven sacks.

Woven sacks are made of a single polymer family and are therefore already quite easy to recycle. Sustainability requirements for packaging products have increased worldwide and at the same time the need to develop better packaging products to protect the packed commodity has also gained further importance.

Prakash Khemani, director of Suraj Logistix, with the W&H engineering team at the company´s sack making plant in Jharkhand.

M/s Suraj Logistix Pvt. Ltd. (Suraj), a leading producer of PP woven sacks in India, has taken several initiatives in creating more sustainable woven sacks solutions for cement packaging. The Company has a strong commitment to the market it operates in and strongly believes in adhering to stringent quality parameters. The Company presently has an installed annual capacity of 50000 mt. of woven sacks.

Suraj Logistix has several W&H machines to produce high quality woven bags. Using innovative technology from these high-quality machines, Suraj Logistix has developed the following innovative products.

Light weight AD PROTEX block bottom bags for cement packaging

Indian market is currently using 80-82g of block bottom woven bags. Using W&H machine technology and the W&H sack concept AD PROTEX LS, Suraj has produced 74g bags which are already successful in the Indian supply chain. The lighter weight bag is a cost advantage and makes the supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

Light weight sewn woven bags

The benefits of tape extrusion technology from W&H were also utilized by Suraj for reducing bag weight for sewn woven bags, bringing it down from 77g to 65g for 50 kg cement bags and these bags have also been successfully implemented in the Indian supply chain.

Bags with recycled materials

Recycling plastics to utilize used plastics back in the supply chain is a critical demand to help reduce the negative environmental impacts of plastic. Suraj Logistix has already developed both the AD PROTEX and sewn cement bags with up to 25% PIR. These bags are already active in the supply chain. They also plan to increase the production capacity of recycled bags.

“AD PROTEX block bottom bags are already a very sustainable solution, the bags are produced using hot air sealing and use no glue or threads. W&H’s Light and Strong technology is getting popular worldwide as it helps woven sacks solution become more sustainable and cost effective. We thank Suraj Logistix for partnering with us and investing in top-of-the-line technology. The results are excellent, and the developed products are a game changer for cement and bulk material packaging.” Says Mr. Shri Gupta, Managing Director W&H India.

“As a leading supplier of woven sacks, we feel responsible to make our solutions more sustainable and viable, we owe this to the industry and to the next generation. We are constantly working in this direction and the products developed are a result of extensive research and development. W&H technology certainly played a key role in our efforts. Also having complete turnkey woven sack plant from a renowned supplier helped a lot in these endeavors. We cherish our long-term partnership and look forward to work on more such developments.” says Mr. Prakash Khemani, Director, Suraj Logistix.



Light and strong Block Bottom woven bag featuring 66g weight at 24% rPP share



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