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Professional inspection as a major service

JUNG Verpackungen GmbH is the market leader for special gift and tissue papers in Europe. More than 50 years production expertise ensure quality and flexibility as the pillars of their actions. They want to create a hands-on brand experience for their customers, such as luxury and branded goods manufacturers and premium retailers. JUNG distinguishes from the competition by offering exceptional performance and innovation in their product portfolio.Thus it is not surprising that the company attaches great importance to high-quality machines, cleanliness and care of the machines: The W&H VISTAFLEX they own, is already 14 years old but still in an excellent condition.

Ensure safety with inspection by W&H
In addition to their own maintenance, JUNG trusts in professional inspection by W&H. In relation to this service by an expert, Manuel Maurer, Head of printing at JUNG stated: „Even if the company‘s own maintenance is carried out constantly and the VISTAFLEX is visually in a top condition, it has a completely different quality to have the machine checked by the manufacturer. “The W&H service technician who was also involved at the assembly of the machine 14 years ago, made a mechanical inspection of the VISTAFLEX at JUNG which has 8 printing units. During this actual state assessment he checked all printing units for function and their different components. Necessary modifications have been made and explained to the machine operators. In addition to this, the technician inspected further machine modules such as unwinding, drying, rear frame including the niproller, cooling cylinder and belts. Afterwards the W&H expert checked the whole longitudinal cutting system, the rewinder, the VISTAPORT and the TURBOCLEAN system as well.

Reduce downtime with local spare parts stocking
Wear parts which are needed to be replaced have been identified and recommended spare parts have been discussed. „A professional inspection is just as important as a stock of sensible spare parts to avoid or reduce downtimes“, reported Manuel Maurer.

Result and definition of next steps
Within the scope of the inspection the W&H technician could also close knowledge gaps and increase the operator safety. Finally, he summarized the situation and defined the next steps. The goal is to further reduce start-up scrap. This will lead to less waste and thus reduce costs and protect the environment.

"It has a completely different quality to have the machine checked by the manufacturer. This leads to safety and closes knowledge gaps."

Manuel Maurer, Head of printing, JUNG Verpackungen GmbH


The condition of your machines has a significant impact on the productivity and quality of your production. To avoid problems and minimize downtimes we support you with professional maintenance for your machines.

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