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For the best maintenance of your machines

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  • Operator Training to expedite learning curve
  • Knowledge transfer for machine mastery
  • Cost savings through preventative maintenance
  • Confident and competent Personnel

  • Machine audit for baseline condition
  • Adjustments for consistent production quality
  • Increased sustainability and reduced scrap
  • Well maintained machine for maximum uptime

Product information

Service contracts - The best way to maintain your machine

Machinery performs best with regular audits and maintenance. Operators work most effectively when they have a strong understanding of the machinery they work with.

Service Contracts from W&H encourage proactive maintenance and streamline the decision making process for audits, training and other activities that are not part of the daily production schedule.

W&H North America designed services contracts to give you piece of mind with a one-time commitment and at a fixed cost. Typical visits include conducting audits, training operators and tweaking small issues that can improve efficiency. How you use the technician's visit is up to you.

The beauty lies in the flexibility.

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Searching for the right solution? We are happy to consult with you, which solutions best fit your needs. We are happy to help you make the right decision based on your individual requirements.

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Choose the right package for your individual needs

Premium Package

With our Premium Package, we combine the advantages of the Performance Package and the Remote Package into a fully comprehensive offering to guarantee you the best possible service.

Performance Package

Our Performance Package is designed to achieve continous improvement of machine performance and support the individual preventive maintenance strategy of the customer.

Based on a Performance Check, we conduct a full audit on site that examines both your machines and the machine environment.Subsequently, based on the audit results and on our experience, we then create an individual Service Plan together, tailored to your specific needs.

Remote Package

With our Remote Package we bundle all remote support services from W&H to provide the most efficient and effective technical troubleshooting from distance.

  • Remote 1st Level support by experienced W&H specialists
  • Worldwide availability around the clock (24/7)
  • Service language is German or English (local languages depending on staffing)

Customize your Lifecycle Services

Of course, you also have the possibility to select single products from our service portfolio, to combine them individually according to your needs or to extend the above mentioned partnerships with additional services from our portfolio, such as training or RUBY.

Our Service for your business

Hotline Service

Experienced W&H specialists support you via a free 24/7 Hotline-Service.


Original Spare Parts

With our Original Spare Parts you receive high quality and durability at attractive prices on 24 hours a day direct from stock.


Remote Service

The Remote Service guarantees you immediate support with machine problems by direct online remote access.


Customer trainings

Increase employee qualification and motivation & productivity and competitivesness with our special customer training offers.