RETROFITS for Non-W&H Lines

Upgrade your blown and cast film extrusion lines with W&H technology and performance

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Upgrade Your Blown Film Lines with Retrofits from W&H

If you have blown or cast film lines from other machinery manufacturers, you can still optimize your machine's performance with the latest tecnologies from W&H.

W&H offers free consultations to discuss goals you have for your existing lines and how retrofits from W&H could help you achieve them.

Retrofits for Non-W&H Blown Film Lines

10 - 60% Increased Output with the Xtreme Performance XP Air Ring

10 - 60% Increased Output with the Xtreme Performance XP Air Ring

The new XP cooling system from W&H was introduced in at the K 2019 in Düsseldorf.

Blown film lines from both W&H AND other manufacturers can be retrofitted with the XP cooling system.

Output can increase from 10 - 60%

W&H technology for a small investment

Watch this video of the new XP Cooling System

Stand Alone VAREX Extruders


  • Easy to integrate into any existing extrusion line
  • High melt output at a low temperature level
  • Optimal optical and mechanical product properties resulting from perfect melt quality
  • Universal HPS screw suitable for the whole range of marketable resins
  • Special grooved bush cooling concept
  • Modular easy-change capability for screws and barrels, e.g., to optimize melt quality
  • Castor mounted extruders ensuring ease of installation and retrofitting
  • Maximum wear protection through tungsten carbide coating of screw flights and feed barrel

Retrofit Scope

  • VAREX extruders from 50 mm to 120mm (30 D)
  • Geared AC motor or gearless torque motor
  • Wear resistant screw
  • Quick resin drain capability
  • Heating with temperature probe
  • Electrical equipment
  • Includes independent control unit via 10" TFT color touchscreen monitor
  • Technical documentation
  • Optional Extras: (High) temperature control unit for the grooved bush, Shut-off slide for PA/EVOH, Specially laid out dies for the retrofit, extruders, Corrosion resistant design, LT screw for increased output


Installation of extruders, including all components, will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: 1 – 2 days per extruder (including training)

New MAXICONE Die Heads and Dies


  • Fewer dead zones within the melt flow system
  • Reduced melt volume as well as easy assembly and disassembly because of compact design
  • Excellent film quality
  • Notably reduced product change times
  • Flexible layer ratios
  • No seals (Teflon or the like) in the melt flow system
  • Customized die designs to suit specific applications
  • Pre-purchase testing of dies at W&H extrusion lab

Retrofit Scope

Superb film quality and minimum change times are the result of MAXICONE die heads and dies from W&H.

  • Die head for 1 – 11 layers and/or dies with diameters from 120 mm to 900 mm
  • Heating with temperature probe
  • Air distribution inside the die head
  • Die assemblies designed for minimum melt build-up
  • Internal bubble cooling
  • PROCONTROL TS operation and control concept
  • Electrical equipment
  • Technical documentation
  • Optional extras: MULTICOOL air ring, Die layout tailored to suit the extruder, Supporting cart, Gauge profile control, Corrosion resistant design

New MAXICONE die heads and dies can be retrofitted to all W&H blown film lines as well as other systems.


Die installation, including all necessarycomponents, will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 5 days (including training)


Increase your output and film quality by retrofitting W&H dies or MULTICOOL or ARCTIS air rings, which are available for W&H and other dies. A new gauge profile controller is available as an additional option.


  • Easy to retrofit to W&H and other dies (both stationary and rotating)
  • Flexible use of different air ring inserts (single lip, dual lip, etc.)
  • Up to 50 per cent increase in output
  • Increased profitability as a result of major resin savings
  • Consistently tight gauge tolerances, saleable production shortly after line start-up or after product changeover
  • Service-friendly technology
  • Air ring height adjustment to ease cleaning and optimize production

Retrofit Scope

Package 1 (does not include gauge profile controller)

  • MULTICOOL or ARCTIS air ring
  • Manual
  • Available Options: Fans, Air ring height adjustmen

Package 2(includes gauge profile controller)

  • Package 1 Delivery Scope
  • Gauge profile controller
  • PROCONTROL® TS process automation
  • Preassembled cable
  • Thickness gauge
  • Oscillating assembly
  • Availabe options: Fans, Air ring height adjustment


Installation of air ring retrofit packages, including all components, will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 5 days (including training)


Improve film width tolerances with optimal calibration that saves trim and satisfies your customers with its operating properties – all with the non-contact NOSTIC cage.


  • Optimal bubble support with minimal width variation achieved with 15 optimally placed guides
  • Mechanical parts of adjustment unit are protected from dirt and paraffin buildup, large dust particles and contact
  • Wear-resistant and low-maintenance CFK (carbon fiber) rollers with no effect on the film surface
  • Non-contact Nostic segments for special applications with constant width tolerances
  • Film sizing system integrated in control unit of blown film line

Retrofit scope

  • Guiding segments
  • Electrical components
  • PROCONTOL TS-operating concept
  • Technical documentation
  • Optional equipment: CFK (carbon fiber) rollers, Teflon rolls, or NOSTIC non-contact air Segments, Monomer exhaust, Ultrasonic bubble control

Example of Improved Film calibration with VARIOCAGE on a non-W&H blown film line

Using the VARIOCAGE with perfect film bubble support, unacceptable width tolerances, which caused conversion problems on downstream equipment, were completely eliminated. Furthermore, the customer noticed a significant improvement in the film quality because the CFK (carbon fiber) cage guide segments leave fewer marks on the film.

The VARIOCAGE film calibration unit ensures tight tolerences.


The film calibration unit and components are assembled by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 2 days (incl. training)


Updating Automation with PROCONTROL TS (Touch Screen) on a non-W&H line Combining machine functions of several operator terminals across the machine using a user friendly touch screen control unit, has simplified machine operation considerably. The operators are better informed, they avoid errors and are consistently producing better quality products.

New Gravimetric Weighing System and Vacuum Feeders


  • Constantly controlled mixing ratio and consistent material flow, eliminating disintegration
  • Constant resin supply for tight film width tolerances and optimal gauge profile
  • Patented integrated residual resin minimizer (resin feeding is automatically stopped according to entered order specifications) ensures short change times and notable resin savings
  • Centralized operation through integration with PROCONTROL TS
  • Multi-section screws minimize product change time and eliminate the need for changing metering screws
  • Metering hoppers can be operated also from the extruder

Retrofit Scope

  • High-precision continuous gravimetric metering and throughput control system for perfect mixing ratios
  • Retrofit capability for up to 7 components per extruder
  • Gravimetric system (module G) and/or vacuum feeders
  • Electrical equipment
  • PROCONTROL TS operation and control system (if applicable)
  • Technical documentation
  • Optional Extras: Powder metering capability, the metering unit designed for hightemperature applications

example of a success replacement on a non-W&H line

Resin feed separation caused film gauge and width variations on an existing blown film line. This was corrected using new gravimetric metering equipment. The modification shortens the change-over times and improves metering accuracy, especially when feeding small quantities.

New gravimetric system (module G) and vacuum feeders can be retrofitted to all W&H blown film lines as well as extrusion equipment of other manufacturers.


Installation of gravimetric system and vacuum feeders, including all components, will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 1 – 2 days per gravimetric system and vacuum feeder (including training)

Winder retrofits for Non-W&H blown and cast film lines


Easy processing with a smart design: With a film winder from W&H's comprehensive FILMATIC range, you can offer perfect, straight-edged rolls from start to finish.


  • Extension of blown film product line
  • Optimal winding quality, perfect for subsequent processing
  • Improved handling with the new roll handling system
  • Integrated control system
  • Easy to use technology
  • Safety features and equipment

Retrofit Scope

  • Winders with center drive and gap winding
  • Treater systems
  • Spreader roll systems
  • Edge Trim and bleed trim removal system
  • Center Drive
  • Deionization units to prevent static buildup
  • Newest generation of winding shafts
  • Roll handling system (crane and shaft extractor for winding shafts)
  • Safety package

Exchanging the existing winder with the FILMATIC S multifunction winder on a non-W&H line

Unsatisfactory operation, poor winding quality and lack of operational safety of the existing, outdated winder prompted the customer to do something about it. With the integration of the FILMATICS winder with center and gap winding, the needs of the customer could be met with a winder featuring state of the art controls, winding quality and operational safety.


Filmatic winders and components are assembled and installed by W&H service technicians

Installation including training: approx. 5 days (depending on requirements)

Retrofits for Non-W&H cast film lines

Stand Alone FILMEX Extruders

Upgrade your cast film line by retrofitting high performance FILMEX extruders with SMB (Smooth Barrier) screws and crosshole mixing sections.


Replacing extruders or retrofitting cast film lines with new FILMEX extruders from W&H provides a variety of benefits.
Here are just a few of them:

  • Flexibility with resin types and a broad throughput range
  • Optimum optical and mechanical product properties through perfect melt quality
  • Enhanced efficiency through high specific output
  • Excellent wear resistance guarantees extraordinary longevity

Retrofit Scope

  • Extruders from 50 mm to 180 mm (30D) mounted on base frame, pre-wired and ready for connection
  • SMB extruder screw with
    • performance and flow optimized barrier zone for universal application, including LDPE / (m-) LLDPE, PP, PA, EVOH, EVA, PS, and PET
    • feed-effective spiral shear section and highly efficient crosshole mixing section
    • maximum wear resistance through tungsten carbide coating of screw flights
  • AC gear motor or gearless torque motor
  • Hopper section with temperature controlled smooth feed bush
  • Bimetal feed barrel with tungsten carbide based wear protection
  • Electric heating and air cooling
  • One or two melt pressure probes and one melt temperature probe
  • Screw extractor

FILMEX extruders can be retrofitted on all cast film lines, including W&H and others.


Installation of extruders including all components either by W&H service technicians or by customer.

Installation: approx. 1- 2 days per extruder (including training)

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